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February 11, 2021: The Special Author’s Edition and self-published version of my very first book “I Escaped the Narcissist: Memoirs of an Empath Supernova” is now available here in my Piece of Mind website.

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This Special Author’s Edition contains a bonus chapter a few additions (i.e. images, personal notes, etc.) which the initial release did not have. Learn how Christine was able to take a stand against Narcissistic Abuse which allowed her to escape the nightmare and manage to have a better, healthier, and peaceful life away from harmful abuses.

October 30, 2020: My very first published book “I Escaped the Narcissist: Memoirs of an Empath Supernova” is already LIVE and AVAILABLE for purchase!

BUY NOW through these channels and formats:
* Ukiyoto eBook
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* Amazon Paperback
* Google Play Store (eBook)
* Google Play Store (audiobook)
* Shopee (Philippines only)
* Rakuten kobo (audiobook)
* Ukiyosk (Flipbook)
* Apple Books (audiobook)

I Escaped the Narcissist: Memoirs of an Empath Supernova

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