What Is The Dangerous Type of Narcissist?

What Is The Dangerous Type of Narcissists
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Now that we know that there are 2 main types of Narcissism, it is time for me to reveal also which is the dangerous type of Narcissist.

Is it the Overt?

Or the Covert?

This is what I’m going to tackle in this article.

In my previous article, I shared with you the 2 main types of Narcissism which are:

  • the Overt, or the Grandiose Narcissist
  • the Covert, or the Vulnerable Narcissist

We also learned the differences between these 2 types.

The Overt is the more obvious type of Narcissist because people who fall under this type are the loud ones.

While the Covert, on the other hand, is the less obvious type because people who fall under this type are the quiet and more reserved ones.

We also learned that they may act differently and might manifest their Narcissistic tendencies in completely opposite manners, however, their level of Narcissism remains the same.

They are both Narcissists though they act quite differently.

And the hanging question we had was, between the 2 types of Narcissism, which type did you think was the more dangerous kind.

Have you taken a guess?

Well, let me not prolong your curiosity because I’m now going to reveal it to you.

And the more dangerous Narcissist that we consider is none other than the Covert Narcissist.

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Why Covert Narcissism Is More Dangerous?

The obvious reason why a Covert Narcissist is considered as more dangerous is the fact that they can be hard to identify.

It is dangerous to deal with anyone whom we do not know exactly who and what they are.

These Narcissists may appear shy, humble, and anxious but they secretly want to be admired, they are entitled, and they don’t have empathy.

They are self-centered and always expect special treatment from others without making it seem obvious.

Everything they do is like done while having a hidden agenda.

That is why they often play the role of a victim and a martyr in the eyes of those who don’t know what they really are behind the mask.

They do this because they want to capture you.

They want to put you under their spell.

And once they have succeeded in doing so, they would start with the manipulation and the abuse.

Introversion of Covert Narcissists

According to an article, “The Danger of a Cover Narcissist” from www.darlenelancer.com, the following are some of the behaviors of a Covert Narcissist which are driven by Introversion:

  • They display reserved smugness and judge everyone as inferior instead of bragging openly
  • They might act aloof and disinterested or make dismissive or discounting gestures like looking away, sighing, yawning impolitely, or acting bored
  • When it comes to criticism, they have the thinnest skin of all because they believe that they are uniquely sensitive
  • They have feelings of neglect or belittlement, hypersensitivity, anxiety, and delusions of persecution

As it turns out, Introversion and Covert Narcissism have striking similarities.

According to another article, “Are You an Introvert — Or Are You Maybe an Undercover Narcissist?” from www.thecut.com, Covert Narcissism correlates strongly with Introversion.

It further adds that Covert Narcissism is sort of a dark side of Introversion.

However, it is important to note that not all Introverts are Covert Narcissists — but Covert Narcissists are almost certainly Introverts.

The Real Danger of Dealing With Covert Narcissists

They say that your most dangerous enemies are the ones you don’t know.

That is very true!

In the context of Covert Narcissism, that statement is obviously what makes them really dangerous.

The fact that we don’t know that they’re enemy is enough to make things sound horrendous.

Think of it like this, the Covert Narcissist is your worst enemy and, at the same time, that someone you trust.

Can you imagine trusting your worst enemy?

Ridiculous, right?

But that’s what a Covert Narcissist can do to you.

He/She can make you fall in love with a person whom you never imagined loving and caring for.

He/She can make you fall asleep and suffer your worst nightmare while still making you believe that it’s the sweetest dream.

They are the type of enemies whom you can still welcome to your home and life because you did not know anything.

And that power lies in their ability to manipulate and play with our minds.

These Narcissists are the masters of deception.

Danger of Covert Narcissists in Relationships

Now that we know why Covert Narcissists are considered the more dangerous type of Narcissism, let’s understand the danger of having a relationship with them.

It is always an interesting topic when we talk about relationships but it’s even more interesting when we speak of relationships with a Narcissist, especially with a Covert type because a lot of things may surprise you.

This is what I’m going to tackle on my next article.

Please stay tuned as we start to have deeper discussions about having relationships with a Covert Narcissist and find out some signs and red flags that would allow you to identify one.

You will need to pay attention because, who knows?

I might be describing your current partner or you could be in a limbo right now so you better continue reading so I can help you find answers to your burning questions.

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