Spotted: Possible Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

I watched the long interview with this actress just recently and I instantly spotted a possible victim of Narcissistic Abuse. I observed the body movements and facial reactions and took down notes while the devastated actress was sharing her piece over Social Media during the controversial one-on-one with the interviewer. Many viewers sympathized to the >>>Read full article

That Scary Accident Involving a Ten-Wheeler Before I Got Married

Never in my life I have imagined that I would experience getting involved in an accident with a Ten-Wheeler truck. But that’s something I experienced about 15 years ago, a year before I got married. People say that you would become prone to accidents when you are about to tie the knot that’s why you >>>Read full article

My Cesarean Section Delivery Experience at the Makati Medical Center (And How Much I Paid For It)

In this article, I’m sharing with you my personal experience when I gave birth to my daughter, Bleu, via Cesarean Section Delivery at the Makati Medical Center on October 30, 2017. I’ve been wanting to create this article for a long time but I never had the chance, until this Enhanced Community Quarantine allowed me >>>Read full article

My Worst Experience After Giving Birth

In this article, I’m sharing my worst experience after giving birth to my first child — Bleu. WARNING: This post may be a bit of a TMI (Too Much Information), gross, and emotional that only mothers and the likes might appreciate. I must admit that I didn’t really take care of myself post the delivery >>>Read full article