Why Did I Put Up a Thought Blog?

Apart from giving my writing skills the chance to grow, I have other reasons why I finally decided to put up a Thought Blog.

Among the tons of reasons, below are the 6 main ones (both basic and deep):


3 Basic Reasons


I have a VERY talkative mind!

Like I said, I am typically quiet and reserved but my mind is VERY talkative.

I put up this Thought Blog as a Solution where to store all my work.

Having a self-hosted website gives me the freedom to produce anything that I could think of.

My favorite part is the fact that I’m in full control and completely able to organize all the contents the way I like it without the fear of losing any of them (i.e. in case Facebook shuts down or decides to take a different approach that is not aligned to my desired direction).


Facebook has become my Twitter

My Facebook account typically contains lengthy posts and I know that not a lot of people appreciate that.

I have also received some feedback (both positive and negative) because of that.

And I’m completely aware of the fact that it’s annoying most of the time (because, hey, I also read my timeline and see lengthy and annoying posts so I know how it feels to be on the other side).

But believe it or not, I still feel that Facebook space isn’t enough.

Perhaps for someone like me who loves sharing stories, Facebook is just like Twitter, which limits the quality of my contents and ability to explore around options to effectively send my real messages across.


Copyright Protection

I don’t think I need to explain further.

Every writer/author must Copyright-Protect his/her ideas and contents to avoid getting victimized by Intellectual Property Theft which is notorious in the online world.

I had a share of bad experience of being penalized for “copying” my own content because I shared my work with someone who stole it and submitted it before I could.

That was a hard lesson-learned.


3 Deep Reasons


Self-expression is one of my passions

I am a quiet person by nature and I just love to observe and process my thoughts on my own.

Based on my years of observation, I express myself better through writing rather than verbalizing because I am often misunderstood maybe because of the tone of my voice and facial expressions.

I always knew that I have a very intimidating look but I never took that seriously until I reached Junior High School.

My Chemistry teacher pointed out that she was sensing some hostility over the way I stared at her during class discussions. She thought that I was keeping grudges toward her when, in fact, I was terrorized by her that’s why I would always take her lessons seriously by listening carefully.

That was the only time when I realized that my serious and attentive look was more of an angry look.

After that, I became very conscious about my facial expressions because I never wanted to intimidate others. I consider myself as someone who’s warm and friendly but it’s always been difficult to see that in me because of my RBF (Resting Bitch Face that is!)

That’s why in order to send my thoughts across more accurately, I’d rather write them down to make it more effective.

Even to my loved ones, I write them (open) letters and dedications to express how I really feel because I’m aware that I’m not good in expressing it through my actions. In fact, I’m quite terrible that some of them get the opposite 99% of the time.


I want to give someone my company through my stories

Have you ever experienced being in a deep shit and you’re scared to open up to other people because you didn’t want them to judge you?

Or maybe you’re just too ashamed of your current situation that’s why you’d rather keep it to yourself. You did not want to take the risk of getting ridiculed by the people around you by letting them know of what’s going on.

These are usually our initial concerns when we’re confronted with issues and challenges that we cannot quite control. These are also some of the reasons why we suddenly explode and get on a situation that is more horrifying (i.e. depression, suicide, insanity, self-destruction, etc.)

And sometimes, all it takes is for you to know that you’re not the only one facing the same battle. Because there’s at least another person in the world who’s also experiencing the same or even going through a much more difficult situation than you are.

That same exact thing happened to me a few years ago when, all of a sudden, my what-seemed-to-have-been a happy marriage ended when my then-husband abandoned me.

At first, I refused to tell anyone about what’s going on because I had hopes that we could still fix things; it was just another bump on the road, or so I thought.

Besides, it would be quite embarrassing if other people would discover that my quiet marriage had a lot of skeletons in the closet which even I, myself, was not aware of. I felt like I wanted to disappear without a trace.

My then-husband refused to give answers to my questions (i.e. Why did he abandon me? Why did he change? How could he do that to me?, etc.) so I was very restless during those times. It was hard to demand for an answer from someone who did not want you to have a peace of mind.

Thankfully, Google was able to at least bridge the gap.

Instead of forcing my adamant then-husband, I just went online and searched for answers online.

Then after bumping into one relevant story after another, I discovered that my odd case wasn’t really unique.

In fact, there were a lot more stories out there which were even more outrageous and out-of-this-world than mine.

I started sensing some hope upon knowing that some people still managed to survive no matter how difficult their situation had been. And so I thought, if some people were able to get through their desperate situation, what excuse do I have to not have the same ability considering that my problem wasn’t even half of theirs?

After that, I felt a sense of relief. The world suddenly became a better place even if I still had issues going on. And that’s because I learned to appreciate the fact that I am not the “only person” in the world who’s got a big problem.


I wanted to share that imperfect life is the perfect set-up

It’s okay if your marriage did not work.

It’s okay if you did stupid things.

It’s okay if you’re not rich/beautiful/successful.

It’s okay if you’re not yet married.

It’s okay if you don’t have kids yet.

It’s okay if you’re struggling in life.

And the list goes on and on.

We all live in a rat race, but who said you can’t get out of it?

You can, by living in your own pace.

I wanted to send a message through this blog that life isn’t always about having an ideal package, that you’re still perfectly fine even after that epic failure.

Life goes on and there’s nothing wrong with deviating from the norm if that’s what serves your purpose.

Ever since I started opening up to people and sharing even the most sensitive details about my failed marriage, I became an advocate of telling-it-all in order to send messages of hope to people who have reached rock-bottom.

Because I want them to experience the beauty of emerging as a better version of themselves after everything that they’ve gone through.

Because life doesn’t need to stop from there.

In fact, I discovered that failures only signal the start of new beginnings that I have never imagined.


Now that you have an idea about me snd this blog, you’re sure ready to click Pieces to read my mind.