What Is A Thought Blog?

“A Thought Blog is a type of blog that focuses on and encourages self-expression. It allows you to express your thoughts, emotions, and feelings without the need to filter.”

Christine MusaAuthor

The Reason Behind the Domain

This site is all about me and my journey.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences — good and bad — in order to help and/or simply give awareness/warning to anyone who needs it.

I’m a strong believer that once you have learned something from someone/somewhere which benefited you a lot, it then becomes your moral obligation to share it with others.

My intent is to share everything that I have experienced as part of my growth as a person, both deep and shallow.

The domain “www.christinev3dotoh.com” simply translates to “christine_v3.0“, which simply means the 3rd version of myself, because I’m speaking from an upgraded perspective brought about by the lessons I learned in life (including bloopers!)

The contents of this site mainly revolve around family, motherhood, relationships, everyday life, and anything that goes in between.

Site Background

I’ve always loved writing ever since I was younger but I never had the chance to dedicate time and effort to take it seriously.

Putting up this site was the very first serious step which I did in order to give my writing skills the chance to grow.

Back in High School, I attempted to write fictional love stories and novels several times but failed several times also because I couldn’t finish any of them.

It wasn’t because of lack of inspiration or limited capacity to use my imagination, but it was more of not being really good in writing stories which never happened in real life.

My weakness back then was my tendency to change the story-line every so often because I was prone to changing my mind the moment I wake up. So my stories would often end up unfinished because I would lose my interest in going any further.

And so I thought that maybe writing wasn’t really for me.

Until I suffered from depression back in 2012 because my marriage of more than 5 years failed in epic proportion.

But through writing, I was able to overcome that big test of character.

While I was going through the depression, I created a journal to document everything that was happening to me.

Writing, then, became my outlet which allowed me to express every emotion I was keeping inside because I was so afraid of going out in public.

It turned out to be one of the best things I did because my journal did not only help me release and move on, it also helped me make the task of recounting a story of almost 9 years a piece of cake when I was required to submit a complete Marital History to a Psychologist to officially file my Annulment case.

The Aftermath

In 2016, I was able to somehow create a narrative which was directly inspired by traumatic experience (still incomplete, though).

That’s also when I started to have a renewed interest in writing stories. But this time, more of true stories.

I took a brave approach by keeping my story honest and I have no regrets.

The truth has set me free!

As a result, I became more comfortable with myself and my current situation because it allowed me to express all the deep-seated emotions I was keeping inside for so long. Because most of the time, all we need is something that would take the burden off our chest in order to feel relieved.

The result was phenomenal as it did not only make me become brave and confident about my own skin.

It also helped me develop the courage to share my experiences and express my opinions without the fear of getting judged by others for as long as I know that I’m telling the truth.

That was also when I finally understood the reason why I did not succeed as a writer of fiction — because I am more effective in writing true stories.

So join me as I share with you my experiences and learning as I go through my everyday life.

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