Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants Overnight Test

In this article, I am sharing our experience when I had my daughter try the Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants for the very first time.

Bleu used the premium diapers as her overnight pants and that’s what we tested in this review.

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You can watch the unboxing and video version of the article here:

The Search for the Overnight Diapers

I’ve been looking for the best overnight diaper pants for Bleu because she’s a heavy wetter.

We’re having issues with leaks and wet bed because of this and I was really getting concerned about her damping her pajamas while sleeping through the night.

Good thing I received a lot of good recommendations on Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants when I asked for suggestions from fellow moms in a Facebook Group.

And I’m so glad that this brand did not disappoint.

My problem was solved! Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants are really for Rascal Bums!

Premium Features of Rascal + Friends Diaper Pants

✅ Breathable back sheet

✅ Easy-tear sides

✅ Unique deep pocket

✅ Soft stretchy waistband

✅ Resealable tab

✅ Double leak guard

My Initial Purchase

For my first purchase, I only bought the 10pcs. trial pack because I only wanted to test it and see if it would work for Bleu.

I just planned on buying more if the brand would pass the overnight test.

My initial impression was that I liked the feel and the texture of the diaper pants.

The wide coverage instantly captured my attention as well.

The Overnight Test

At 10:00PM, I helped Bleu put on the diaper pants (please watch the video so you could see how it looked like on her when I first fit it).

I put her to sleep immediately after preparing her for bedtime.

At 7:30AM the following morning, while Bleu was still asleep, I did a quick check to see if she wet her bed again.

To my delight, her bed was completely dry!

I even touched the side of her bum to check for any leaks when she moved but it’s still 100% dry.

At 9:00AM, Bleu went downstairs and went straight to the kitchen nook to have her breakfast.

Take note, she’s still wearing the same diaper pants!

She decided to eat her breakfast that’s why I couldn’t change her.

Result of the Overnight Test

The pants went swollen because of the urine it collected overnight, but I was quite impressed because it’s still dry.

You will see in the video version the look of the used diaper pants which contained the 12-hour worth of urine that it collected overnight.

Before throwing the used diaper pants, I used its “resealable tab” in order to dispose it neatly and properly (check out the video on how to do it).

Click the following links should you wish to purchase these premium diaper pants by Rascal + Friends:

RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 10pcs Trial Pack XXL (16+ kgs)

RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 120pcs (40pcs x 3) Super Jumbo Box XXL (16+ kgs)

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