Pelvic Ultrasound Experience Revealing My Baby’s Gender: 19 Weeks Pregnant

My Baby's Gender Revelation
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In this article, I’m sharing my experience when I had a Pelvic Ultrasound which revealed my baby’s gender.

We experienced the excitement of Baby Gender Revelation when our baby reached her 19th-week inside my womb.

I created a video which shows what happens during Pelvic Ultrasound that aims to reveal the baby’s gender.

Watch the video here:

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is knowing the gender of your little one.

My partner and I were very excited to find out because we have already prepared for the name of the baby.

Our agreement:

  • If we’re having a baby boy, his name would be taken from my name
  • If we’re having a baby girl, her name would be taken from the daddy’s name

We’re not really praying for any specific gender for as long as the baby stays healthy and normal.

That’s the most important of all.

But I felt doubly excited when I learned that I was carrying a baby girl because I had a feeling that I was.

I had some signs that’s why I had a strong feeling that we would have a baby girl.

Therefore, we named our baby girl Blisse Anthonette Louise, taken from a combination of her father’s name and grandfather’s name.

She would also be known by her nickname, Bleu.

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