Active Baby Movements Inside My Womb: 23 Weeks Pregnant

My Baby Moves Inside My Womb
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I was 23 weeks pregnant when I captured this video of my baby moving inside my womb.

I created a video of it so I could share with my partner and mother because they couldn’t catch Bleu’s movements whenever they were around.

I noticed that my baby would only move strongly when there’s just the two of us.

Her movements in this video were also not that crazy because I noticed that my baby was a bit of a camera-shy (maybe) because she stops moving (or movements become milder) the moment I start rolling the video.

Watch her video here.

Her movements always give me so much joy!

This being my first pregnancy, I would always feel amazed on every development that happens in my body as the day went by.

My baby’s movements were always the highlights of my day.

There were times even when I would want to pinch myself because I still could not believe that I was already experiencing these exciting times which I never thought would ever occur to me.

My baby’s movements make me laugh and giggle.

I’m so in-love with my baby girl and I can’t wait to finally meet her!

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