My Cesarean Section Delivery Experience at the Makati Medical Center (And How Much I Paid For It)

My Cesarean Section Delivery Experience at the Makati Medical Center

In this article, I’m sharing with you my personal experience when I gave birth to my daughter, Bleu, via Cesarean Section Delivery at the Makati Medical Center on October 30, 2017.

I’ve been wanting to create this article for a long time but I never had the chance, until this Enhanced Community Quarantine allowed me some time to dig old documents and receipts, which made me recall what happened during the time which I consider as the most wonderful and scary experience I had in my entire life.

Apart from the actual experience, I would also like to share how much it costed me so that I could give our expecting parents an idea on how much they should prepare at the least if they are considering the Makati Medical Center as their hospital of choice.

NOTE: Please consider that the rates that I provided here were based on rates back in 2017 so you should allow some room for rate increase as it normally happens annually.

I Wasn’t Supposed to Delivery My Baby Via Cesarean Section

All throughout my pregnancy, we were always expecting that I would deliver my baby via Normal Delivery because I don’t have any complications and my baby’s size had always been within the normal rate.

However, my cervix never dilated!

And this was the same case even during the day of the delivery itself.

Apart from that, my OB also found out during our Internal Examination (IE) that I had Prominent Ischial Spines, a condition which was probably making it challenging for my baby to descend into my pelvis despite the contractions.

In Filipino terminology, this is what we often refer to as “maliit ang sipit-sipitan“.

Because of that condition, my OB confirmed that even inducing labor won’t do us any good.

Also, even if I would dilate eventually won’t guarantee that I would be able to deliver vaginally safely because there’s still a chance that my baby won’t be able to pass through due to the size of my opening.

That was October 28th and we only had 2 days prior to my baby’s due date which was October 30th.

We were supposed to continue waiting for any sign of improvement until Nov. 3rd (the maximum duration given by my OB) but my mother convinced me that I should proceed with the CS delivery for two main reasons:

  1. I could give birth to my baby on my birthday (because my baby was due on October 30th, my birthday — so we could share the same birthdays)
  2. She’s certain that it would result into an Emergency CS, anyway, because of my condition so why not consider CS on the onset

My mom’s points were very valid.

And besides, it would make me feel more relaxed if we could check-in to the hospital as if we’re just checking-in in a hotel.

So right then and there, I decided to call my OB to confirm that I would deliver my baby via Cesarean Section.

What I Packed In Our Hospital Bags To Prepare For Delivery

Just to give you some idea on the items which I included in our hospital bags

DAY 1: Hospital Admission

Hospital Room

I initially booked for a Small Private room (P3,600/day), however, due to non-availability of this type of room when we checked-in, we were automatically upgraded to a Large Private room (P5,400/day), instead.

We were told that we would just be moved to a Small Private room once it becomes available (but this never happened during our stay so we occupied a Large Private room all throughout without adding any cost, except for when I needed to extend for another day.

Welcome Packet and Hospital Kit

As part of their check-in process, I was given a Welcome Packet, a hospital-branded folder which contained the following:

  1. Necessary documents about the check-in/check-out process
  2. Makati Medical Center Policies and Procedures
  3. Hospital WiFi username and password
  4. Philhealth forms
  5. Newborn Registration form
  6. Consent to use the Father’s name form (since I’m not married to the father of my child)

Apart from the Welcome Packet, I was also given a hospital kit.

Here’s how the Welcome Packet looked like

Paying the Down Payment

I was asked to proceed to the hospital cashier to settle the downpayment.

The downpayment which I needed to settle on the onset was 80% of the total package that we availed (80% DP = P140,800).

I needed to call BDO Customer Service to increase my debit limit to P150,000/day in order to pay the downpayment because it was defaulted to only P100,000/day.

I have to commend BDO for a very efficient service even when it’s only done via phone.

The debit limit increase took effect almost immediately after my conversation with the Customer Service Representative.

Because of this, I also learned that there are 2 types of POS machines that are being used to accommodate BDO cards:

  1. The ones which require a signature
  2. The ones which require a PIN

Since the cashier’s terminal required me to enter my PIN, I requested for that limit to get increased.

Going To The Room

We were escorted to our room by one of the staff.

Before entering the room, my weight and height were measured.

Our room number was 1582 so I thought that the Makati Med had a 15th floor but, apparently, it’s only located at the 5th floor.

We quickly settled in the room while I tried to put my head around all the paperworks that I still needed to accomplish before the operation itself.

Rest of the Things That Happened Next

  1. The assigned nurse immediately showed up for a brief introduction and provide basic room amenities.
  2. Urine sample was collected from me for Urinalysis.
  3. The nurse brought in my hospital gowns and asked me to change in preparation for the blood extraction and Non-Stress Test (NST).
  4. Blood extraction was done.
  5. An intern Pediatrician came in to check my baby’s heartbeat and perform an interview relative to my pregnancy and family’s health history.
  6. Non-Stress Test (NST) was done.
  7. I was asked to surrender the initial consent form which I completed (for Normal Delivery) because it needed to be replaced with the CS Operation package.
  8. The nurse supervising the NST said that there were findings that’s why there’s a need to to do an IE to check if my cervix has already dilated. If I was already having an active labor, my OB would need to perform an early CS Operation. Good thing that my cervix was still closed that’s why we could wait until tomorrow.
  9. I was interviewed by my Anesthesiologist, Dra. Juan.
  10. I was asked to have a blood donor on standby.
  11. Another nurse came in just to reiterate the schedule and procedures for tomorrow and check if I have any questions.
  12. I took a full shower (my last full shower at the hospital as I would only be allowed to have half-showers post the CS operation to ensure that my wound won’t get wet and infected).

DAY 2: The Big Day!

Preparation for the Cesarean Section Operation

At exactly 5:00 am, “Nothing Per Orem” (NPO) has started.

Nothing Per Orem means Nothing By Mouth and it’s an instruction given just to say that there should be no more food and water intake in preparation for the scheduled operation.

Next was the IV insertion.

Then it was followed by the Fleet Enema.

At almost 12:00 pm, I was fetched by a Delivery Room nurse to prepare me to be brought to the Operating Room.

My gown was changed and I was asked to remove my undergarments.

I was first brought at the Recovery Room to prepare me for the Operation.

I stayed there from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm and I was shaved from my tummy below.

My vital signs were also checked.

Time To Face My Fear: Inside the Operating Room

It was time for the operation and I was brought inside the Operating Room.

I got transferred from my hospital bed to the operating table and the staff started to put some devices on my body (i.e. for blood pressure, heart beat, etc.).

Dra. Juan, my Anesthesiologist, was the first doctor who showed up to approach me about the procedure while the nurses continued to gear me up.

She gave me a briefing on what to expect (how I would feel) once the anesthesia has been administered.

She said that I should expect complete numbness of my lower extremities and I might also feel the need to vomit in the middle of it.

She told me with a very re-assuring tone,

“If that happens, you shouldn’t panic. Just take deep breaths, instead. Yung iba kasi nagpapanic once they couldn’t feel their lower body.”

Good thing she told me these things because that’s exactly how I felt during the whole operation.

There were moments when I felt like vomiting maybe due to the gush of pressure from my lower body going to the top.

Dra. Juan was guiding me, talking to me, and holding my right hand and head all throughout the operation which really helped a lot.

If not, I would’ve definitely panicked deep inside, especially since I was awake the whole time I was “open”.

Administration of Local Anesthesia

Before the anesthesia was administered, I heard the voice of Dra. Bustos, my OB, which signaled the “start of everything”.

True enough, after she approached me to ask how I was, she already endorsed me to Dra. Juan to start administering the anesthesia.

They kept telling me to relax because they knew that it was my first time.

Dra. Busto also informed everyone in the room that it was, in fact, my birthday and that my baby would have the same birthday so everyone greeted me which brought a smile to my super nervous face.

The scariest moment for me has finally arrived — time for the administration of the Local Anesthesia!

I was instructed to face my left side and, with the help of one of the nurses, bend my knees and shoulders into the center (as best as I could) forming like a fetus.

I felt the cold cotton with solution being rubbed at my back right on the spot where the needle would be poked.

I was mildly shaking in anticipation of what was about to happen.

I was literally facing one of my greatest fears during that time, but the thought of seeing my daughter for the first time after 40 weeks of waiting helped me conquer it.

I just kept on saying to myself,

“Para kay Bleu. Para kay Bleu. Para kay Bleu.”

Dra. Juan signaled that she’s now ready to poke the needle.

I was kind of expecting that she would count to 3 then ask me to take a deep breath, like how the other nurses would do it, however, she did not that’s why I jerked a little upon feeling the tip of the needle poking my spine.

I thought that was it.

It was completely tolerable that’s why I thought I could then relax a little.

However, I heard that Dra. Juan would need to repeat it as she was trying to hit the bull’s eye.

Good thing that I heard stories about multiple poking of the needle during the operation because of the same reason.

I knew how critical it was for Dra. Juan to do it right because even the slightest mistake could paralyze me.

I think she kept on trying for 5 more times before she asked one of the nurses to get another needle (perhaps another size, a bigger one, would do!).

There were at least more than 5 poking attempts and 1 change in needle which needed to happen before the anesthesia was finally injected through.

I knew that my OB was just on standby waiting for a go signal from Dra. Juan because I heard the Anesthesiologist telling her,

“Doc, wait lang ha.” Malapit na ‘to.”

To which my OB responded,

“It’s okay. Take your time.”

Time For The Actual Cesarean Section Operation

As soon as the Local Anesthesia finally got successfully administered, Dra. Juan just said,

“Alright! We’re good!”

I knew that was the cue because as soon as she said that, the rest of the people in the room started moving as if they’re volting-in, as if they were Iron Man’s suit once Tony Stark has given his command.

Everything started happening so fast.

I wasn’t prepared for that and I thought that I needed more time before they could start with the procedure because I felt like the anesthesia hasn’t taken its full effect yet.

I was freaking out on the inside but I was securely glued to the table and my lower extremities could no longer move.

In my mind I wanted to say,

“Hey, guys! Wait lang! Don’t dare open me yet. I could still feel my legs. FYI!”

That pretty much reminded me of this particular scene from the movie “House of Wax” LOL!

But amazingly, everything happened as if someone has been carefully clocking it because their timing was impaccable.

I was awake the whole time that’s why I heard my OB saying that the procedure would only take less than an hour.

The whole procedure was painless, I did not feel anything although I was awake.

I was just feeling that people were moving and doing something with the lower half of my body, which I couldn’t see because it’s properly covered.

The only part in which I experienced some difficulty was during the last part when I felt some pressure on my chest area.

I also heard that Dra. Bustos was kind of saying that my baby seemed like she still didn’t want to come out.

But after a few minutes, the pressure subsided and it felt like my baby was already ejected.

I felt a bit nervous, though, because I still could not hear my baby crying.

Then, I heard Dra. Bustos telling my baby,

“Baby, come on! Cry, baby. Come on!”

And I think she also needed to gently slap my baby’s butt so she would start crying.

Then, finally, I heard my baby squeal for the very first time.

Yes, she did not just cry.

She squealed!

But that was the most wonderful squeal I heard in my life.

That was when I cried after hearing my baby squeal because it signaled that I was able to deliver my baby successful and that I was able to conquer one of my greatest fears: giving birth.

I couldn’t thank God enough for keeping both of us safe.

People inside the Operating Room were singing “Happy Birthday” to us.

Post Delivery

While they were preparing to complete the operation by “closing” me, my baby was being cleaned and she was given all the necessary newborn care.

Everything was being headed by Dra. Apostol, the Pediatrician.

She was the one who took care of Bleu from the moment she was removed from my womb.

She also initiated the skin-to-skin and allowed Bleu to attempt to breastfeed from me for the very first time.

Dra. Apostol is Bleu’s Pediatrician up to now.

All of the things happening around me during that time were simply amazing.

Those were the only things I could remember and before I knew it, they have sedated me which made me fall asleep.

Then, when I woke up, they were already transporting me back to the Recovery Room where Bleu and her father were waiting for me.

What I Felt After the Whole Thing

It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I ever had but I was so grateful that things fell into their proper places.

I was so relieved upon knowing that I made the right choice by allowing a great team of doctors and specialists to handle my very first Cesarean Section operation.

It’s great that my OB had a great team with her that’s why the whole operation felt like it was properly rehearsed, so there’s no room for any fatal error.

Because of this, I could say that I had fun while nursing my nervousness; mixed emotions that was.

How Much Did I Pay For Everything?

Without beating around the bush, see below the amount which I paid:

I wish I could share the actual bill to show the breakdown of the expenses including the PF of the doctors, unfortunately, I couldn’t remember where I placed it.

It must be due to an early effect of that Local Anesthesia LOL!

But, anyhow, at least I could confirm that the final bill was something to which I was expecting given the circumstances.

Note that the Cesarean Section Package I mentioned above was the rate in 2017 and this was the most basic package, meaning, everything was straightforward; there was no special procedure done due to complications and the likes.

Apart from the package, I paid for another day because I was advised by my OB to stay for another day for some other tests that I needed to go through.

There you have it!

I hope that this article helped provide you with some ideas and information that you may be looking for as you prepare for the big day.

All the best and praying for your safe delivery!

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