How to Child-Proof the Refrigerator

In this article, I’m sharing how I child-proof our refrigerator using this child-proofing item that worked for me.

You probably have the same problem with your toddler.

Well, ever since my 2 year-old daughter learned how to open and close the refrigerator, she would always ask for milk refill.

As a result the refrigerator gets harassed day in and day out.

So let me share with you the products I bought just to make sure that she won’t be able to open it ever again.

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You can also watch the video version on YouTube here:

Child Safety Refrigerator Lock

This Adjustable Fridge Guard was the initial lock that I bought to secure our cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator.

It worked really well until my daughter figured out how to operate it!

That’s why we needed to have that “next level” of child-proofing.

Good thing I found this Child Safety Refrigerator Lock.

It has keys that’s why it absolutely solved the problem.

You can check out the YouTube video to see the actual look of this product after getting installed.

It looks really similar to how it was advertised online.

I like the clean and simple design and it’s also very easy to install.

There’s a pair of keys which came with it.


Child-proofing is, indeed, very important especially if you have toddlers around.

But, guess what?

I think these refrigerator locks can also work well if you have a housemate who keeps on getting something form the refrigerator, especially now that we’re on a lockdown situation.

So you can also buy these not only for toddlers but also for adults.

Click here should you wish to buy this featured product.

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