My Baby Drinks Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice at 8 Months Old

My baby started drinking freshly-squeezed Orange juice as soon as she reached her 8th month.

After successfully completing Stage 2 of Weaning (Vegetable Series), we’ve started with Stage 2: Fruit Series as soon as Bleu reached her 8th month.

We focused on all-fruit diet.

Apart from the solids that she had during mealtime, her pediatrician also recommended a daily serving of freshly-squeezed orange juice of about 2oz-4oz, which I gladly prepared everyday.

Her Experience in Drinking the Orange Juice

During her 8th month of check-up, we were also advised to start giving her a vitamin (supplement) since I’ve stopped giving her breastmilk because I already lost my supply upon reaching the 8th month mark.

So everyday, after taking a bath, she would take a vitamin which is followed by the serving of her 2nd favorite beverage.

At first, she did not like it because it tasted sour.

She salivated, almost cried, and strongly refused to drink it.

So it was me who finished the juice on that first day.

But I tried again the next day and she showed a little positive response towards drinking it.

She almost emptied the bottle although her face was still telling me that she’s not a fan of it.

Then on the 3rd day, she drank the juice without any issues.

She also seemed to start liking it.

Maybe she started to appreciate the sour but sweet taste.

That’s also the reason why we did not have any issues in making her take the daily vitamin because it’s also orange-flavored, therefore, the taste was no longer new to her.

How to Prepare the Orange Juice

I also created a video showing how I would prepare the freshly-squeezed orange juice everyday.

My goal is to continue giving her this daily boost of Vitamin C even when we’ve completed the Stage 3 of Weaning.

I’m also keen into looking for other alternatives apart from orange juice which I could also offer to Bleu.

Anything that is fresh, healthy, and enjoyable because it gives me such a wonderful feeling whenever I see her getting the right nourishment day in and day out.

This is to ensure that I give her the amount of Vitamin C she needs to stay healthy and ill-free.

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