Baby Weaning Stage 2: 10 Vegetables in 30 Days

Baby Weaning Stage 2: Vegetable Series
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In this article, I’m sharing my baby’s experience when we had the baby weaning journey as soon as she started taking solids.

Bleu started eating solids upon reaching her 6th month.

She started with Baby Weaning Stage 1: Baby Cereals and this was her staple food for a month (apart from breast milk).

As advised by her Pedia, she focused on just the basic flavors (i.e. Rice and Soya, Brown Rice and Milk, Wheat and Milk).

She had these flavors alternately every after 3 days.

We did not continue with Stage 2 and Stage 3 Baby Cereals because it was more recommended to have fresh vegetables and fruits instead of having them included in cereals.

Stage 1 was successful because she enjoyed the cereals (Wheat and Milk flavor was her favorite) and it helped her get acquainted with the use of bowl and spoon.

This was also the stage when we started using small cups to train her to drink water without using a feeding bottle.

We skipped the use of sippy cups in order to help her develop drinking skills more naturally.

Bleu Started Eating Veggies at 7 Months

Upon reaching her 7th month, we started with Stage 2 of Weaning: Vegetable Series, in which Bleu tried 10 different types of vegetables in 30 days.

It is also important to mention that we followed the Pedia’s advice to apply the 3-Day Rule once we’ve started giving her solids.

The 3-Day Rule is an approach that allows the baby to fully experience each type of vegetable by allowing him/her to appreciate it in 3 straight days.

The main goal of this rule is to determine if the baby would develop any allergic reaction towards a certain vegetable type.

We strictly followed this so we let Bleu focus on just 1 type of vegetable twice a day in 3 straight days before switching to the next type.

I was able to document this experience and I had fun watching how she reacted when she tried one vegetable after another upon tasting them for the very first time.

Here’s a short video which contains a compilation of these precious moments.

List of 10 Vegetables in 30 Days for Baby Weaning

These were the 10 types of vegetables which Bleu tried in 30 days (in particular order):

DAY 1-3: Veggie #1 Potato

DAY 4-6: Veggie #2 Carrot

DAY 7-9: Veggie #3 Squash (Bleu’s favorite!)

DAY 10-12: Veggie #4 Chayote

DAY 13-15: Veggie #5 Sweet Peas

DAY 16-18: Veggie #6 Baguio Beans

DAY 19-21: Veggie #7 Broccoli

DAY 22-24: Veggie #8 Orange Sweet Potato

DAY 25-27: Veggie #9 Malunggay (Bleu’s least favorite)

DAY 28-30: Veggie #10 Eggplant

Out of the 10 vegetables, Bleu did not quite enjoy Malunggay because of its leafy characteristic, therefore, it wasn’t as creamy as the rest.

Perhaps her tongue wasn’t quite ready yet for that kind of texture.

This caused a little bit of a problem because Bleu strongly rejected this vegetable after trying it pure for 1 day.

And as a solution, we just mixed Malunggay with Potato on Day 26 and 27 just so she could still get the nourishment from this wonder green vegetable.

This may have worked for us but I strongly suggest that you check with your Pediatrician first before doing so.

Simple Preparation

At first, I planned of mixing my breastmilk with all of these vegetables and that’s what I did on Day 1 (with potato).

However, it was not successful because Bleu did not like the way how I prepared it.

It was too chunky, I guess, because I only mashed it and did not use a blender to achieve a smooth consistency that is suitable for a 7-month old baby.

As a result, Bleu did not finish it and there were times when she would gag in between.

I got a little scared so I changed my approach.

Good thing that I still had my personal blender which I used as Bleu’s food processor.

So for all the vegetables, we only followed the simple 3-step approach: Steam – Mash/Slice – Blend.

We made sure that we steam the vegetables instead of boiling so as to keep the nutrients which tend to get lost during the boiling process.

Once the vegetable is soft and tender, we mash or slice it in small pieces to make it easier for the blender to process.

When blending, I followed the 2:1 ratio (2 tbsp of vegetable : 1 tbsp of liquid – breastmilk or water) in order to achieve the right level of creaminess which Bleu loved.

Ready for Baby Weaning Stage 2: Fruit Series

Overall, Baby Weaning Stage 2 was also a success.

I was surprised with how Bleu enjoyed this stage considering that she started with baby cereals which would have made her transition to vegetables more challenging because baby cereals are delicious and sweet.

At first, that was one of my worries because I know for a fact that it is not always easy to establish a good relationship with vegetables, especially once the baby has started getting used to eating something more baby-friendly.

But we’re glad that she completed this stage with flying colors.

I’m also glad that I followed my Pedia’s advice to go through the Baby Weaning process stage-by-stage in order to properly introduce each set of solids to Bleu.

So Bleu is now ready to enter Stage 2 of Baby Weaning: Fruit Series. I’m once again excited to discover her new favorites and prepare her some treats which she would surely enjoy.

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Do you also have some Baby Weaning best practices which you would like to share?

What’s your baby’s favorite vegetable?

What did you discover about your baby throughout the whole process?

Feel free to comment below for your answers.

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