Alib Slow Juicer: Affordable Slow Juicer Review

In this article, I am featuring the Alib Slow Juicer, the affordable slow juicer, by making an Orange and Green Apple juice.

In times like this when we all need to stay healthy and boost our immune system, drinking servings of fresh fruit juices (or fruits + vegetables) daily is key.

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend much on a juicer because this Alib Slow Juicer is very affordable but works like an expensive slow juicer.

I bought this for P2,770.00 from Lazada and I got it when in went on Sale before Christmas.

But even though it’s no longer on Sale, you could still get this for less than P5,000.00.

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You can watch the video version here:

Assembling the Alib Slow Juicer

The Alib Slow Juicer is really easy to assemble.

It has a safety feature which prevents the juicer from operating unless all its parts are properly put in place.

It’s worth the price because it’s durable and it works as if it’s an expensive slow juicer.

Preparing the Ingredients for the Orange and Green Apple Juice

For this recipe, we need 3 Oranges and 3 Green Apples.

Slice the fruits into small sizes that would fit in the juicer funnel.

Using the Alib Slow Juicer

Turn on the juicer (you will hear the motor running).

Then all you need to do is drop the fruits slices inside the juicer through its funnel.

You can see that the fruit pulp is getting extracted.

The juicer has a faucet that has a stopper which prevents the juice from spilling.

Filtering the Juice

This step is really not necessary if the juice would be consumed by an adult.

However, I’m adding this step because the juice I was preparing was meant for my 2 year-old daughter.

It was just to make sure that no pulp would get in the way when she drinks it via a feeding bottle.

Disassembling and Cleaning the Juicer

Disassembling was a little challenging at first because some parts get too fixated after juicing.

That’s the only thing which I didn’t like about this juicer.

But it’s still manageable and just a little downside considering its very affordable price.

I just clean it using regular running water.

It comes with a cleaning brush which helps remove those stubborn and hard to reach fruit residues.

I clean it with a regular dishwashing soap.

All in all, it’s still easy to clean.

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