An Open Letter to My Ex Who Stopped Providing Child Support

An Open Letter to My Ex Who Stopped Providing Child Support

My Ex and I had an agreement that he should continue to provide child support for my daughter even if we have already separated.

He complied for a number of months until he suddenly stopped for no reason at all.

But despite the fact that what he did was completely uncalled-for, I must admit that it still brought sudden peace and comfort on my end, knowing that the person who’s been pretending to care has finally revealed his true self.

And this is what I have to say.

To My Ex Who Stopped Providing Child Support

I knew that this time would come so thank you for finally dropping the act.

At first I was thinking that you would complete at least 1 year of providing child support but, as usual, my gut-feel was right again.

Your financial support only lasted for 8 months for a total amount of P20,000.00 (that’s approximately P83.00/day).

Then it suddenly stopped without a warning.

So what happened to your drama?

What happened to your fatherly conviction?

I thought you agreed to provide support because you said she’s your daughter and her well-being is your interest?

May paiyak-iyak ka pa!

I always knew that you were just using our child to stir my sympathy because it was not only once when I forgave you and agreed to give our relationship another chance because you said you couldn’t live without us.

“You and our child are my everything”, that was even your favorite emotional line.

You would always cry while holding our daughter whenever I would ask you to leave my house whenever I would discover your lies and wrongdoings.

Of course I would always end-up not kicking you out because you always acted as if you really couldn’t afford to leave our daughter.

But, you know, there’s really nothing permanent in this world — my empathy included!

So, did you stop because you finally got the memo that we’re really NOT getting back together?

Have you finally accepted the fact that there’s really nothing you could do to change my mind?

Not even that lengthy text messages which you sent me the day I decided to air our break-up out in the public by announcing that on my Facebook account.

Perhaps that move gave you a solid confirmation that I was serious about my decision and that I wasn’t doing “No Contact” just to punish you.

Because the truth is, I finally discovered you for who you really are so I have completely dumped you.

Even though I didn’t bother to reply, please know that I read your messages but I just laughed it off because I was aware that you were “sexting” another woman while you were composing your “paawa” text messages.

I was laughing and shaking my head out of disbelief.

You’re such a disgusting pig and your “paawa’ messages were so cringe-worthy to read as a matter of fact.

Or maybe you just chose to stop supporting our daughter because you needed more money to start a new fake life wherever you are right now, with your new innocent victim.

But whatever your reason was, be aware that it’s very much anticipated so I wasn’t surprised at all.

I always knew you would stop at some point; the only question was when exactly.

Our Last Phone Conversation

Just in case you’ve already forgotten, let me remind you of one of our last conversations that evening of June 2019.

We were talking on the phone; I was at home and you were in Lucena.

This happened about a month after I asked you to move out of my house, ending our toxic relationship for good (May 2019).

I wanted to discuss about child support that’s why I decided to talk to you that night.

At first, you still tried to convince me to change my decision because you were still convincing me that you loved our family and that you regret everything that you did.

You even asked me to just go with you, drop everything, sell my house and properties, and quit my job so we could be together always — because you strongly believed that you would stop with all the lying and cheating when we’re always close to each other.

You wanted me to live with you in Mindoro so we could start a new life, together with our child.

You even promised that you would change your ways completely and you would stop womanizing because you already realized your mistakes.

Of course, I refused because I knew that it was just another one of your future-faking tactics — it used to work all the time, but NOT that time.

I have believed so much of your lies that it would be a sin for me to believe some more.

You only gave up on convincing me when I said that I no longer love you the same way and that all I really wanted was for us to remain civil at least for the sake of our child.

You Insisted That You’re Still the Father of our Child

Since you failed to convince me to change my decision, you started sounding frustrated and said:

“Fine! I’m fine with not having our family back but I still should have the rights over our child.

She’s still my daughter!

I should have the right to see her and be with her whenever I wanted to.”

Of course I said yes to that because I still wanted our daughter to have a good relationship with you.

I just added a request saying:

“But if you plan on having an intermittent presence around her, just forget about it.

I don’t want to subject our child to such an emotional turmoil.

She doesn’t deserve to keep asking for your whereabouts every time you wouldn’t show up.

And I don’t deserve to live the rest of my life explaining to her why you’re not keeping your promises.

I would rather hurt her with the truth instead of inflicting further injuries on her emotional well-being by covering your lies with more lies.”

For me, it would be so much better for her to not know you at all while she’s too young to even remember you.

I’m pretty sure that not a lot of people would side me on this decision but that’s the least of my concern.

I value our child’s emotional well-being more than what other people would say.

Besides, other people don’t have any idea about the harm that you could inflict on us when you would continue to be around.

And just like what I expected, you never exerted an effort to do so.

You were too busy adding more victims to your gallery and collections that you had no more time left to remember about our daughter.

It must have been really time consuming to be sleeping around with a lot of clueless women in Burdeos and Lucena — you can’t deny this because I have evidences.

But like I said, this is totally fine.

I don’t see any benefit of having you around her, anyway.

She will NEVER feel incomplete just because of your absence.

The Set-Up

So you said you wanted to provide child support since you’re still the father.

We agreed that you’re giving me the authority to deduct the amount from your salary account on a monthly basis since I already knew the username and password.

I specifically requested for this set-up just so I won’t need to communicate with you in order to get the amount.

The agreed amount was very small but I had no choice because I sensitively considered the “other obligations” that you have — especially since you would then need to pay for rent permanently because I already kicked you out of my house.

And I knew that your salary won’t cover all of them that’s why I settled even for just a pathetic amount of P2,500.00/month.

Honestly, I thought that it was unnecessary because I could very well provide for our daughter on my own.

But I wanted to fight for my child’s right over her father’s support that’s why I still insisted no matter how humiliating and degrading it was for me.

I didn’t want to deprive her of something that she’s very well deserved, but if you’d choose to deprive her of that, don’t worry because I could very well cover.

And like what I told you, I put all the money that I got from you to her insurance policy so she could get better returns in the future.

Then You Suddenly Stopped Providing Child Support

And so the moment that I’ve long been anticipating happened in the month of February.

I noticed that you would immediately “empty” your salary account as soon as your pay gets credited.

When it happened during the first instance, I thought you just needed some extra amount for your Valentine’s date.

But when you did the same thing during the second instance, that was the moment I confirmed that you’re doing that on purpose.

By the way, if I caused you stress last February 27th, please know that I was just taunting you.

I was giggling on the other side knowing that you were anxiously waiting for your salary to get credited so you could immediately transfer to your other account.

I was intentionally making you aware that I was also logging in, waiting for your salary to get credited just to give you some suspense.

It was nice playing “The Fastest Fingers Get the Salary” with you! LOL!

The very act that you did that on purpose clearly meant that you’re now refusing to provide child support.

I think that ground is enough for me to file a case against you if I would want to.

What You Did Was No Longer a Surprise

Like I said, I already anticipated this.

In fact, I have already built a contingency fund for our daughter to cover for everything that she would need.

And because of what you did, I felt more empowered as a mother.

So if you thought of celebrating because you felt like you subjected me to an “Economic Abuse”, sorry to say but P2,500/month is immaterial to me.

I prepared for this scenario because I’ve known you ever since.

I knew this would happen in time because you’ve always been like this even to your other children — because you’re also not giving financial support to your other children from different mothers.

You only started taking responsibility when I convinced you to start doing so at the start of year 2018.

That was also the time when your salary got increased by the government so I said it’s about time that you give support to your other children.

And also, just so you could retire your mother from giving them the financial support from her own pocket.

You’re the father of your other children and they’re your responsibility, not your mother’s so it’s about time for you to man-up once and for all.

I wanted to be fair, that’s why.

Because while you were supporting our daughter financially, I couldn’t help but think about your other children who were not receiving any support from you.

After all, they are our daughter’s half-siblings.

I even voluntarily took the responsibility of remitting the money for them because I was the one managing your finances then.

I happily did that even though at times I needed to get the money from my own pocket simply because your salary wasn’t enough to cover for all.

So now that we’ve separated, I wasn’t surprised at all that you also stopped providing for them once again.

I felt sorry for them but there’s nothing else I could do.

It’s just so unfortunate that they have a father who prioritizes all his wants and luxurious illusions over the needs of his children.

Your Additional Obligation

To be quite frank here, the impact of your actions on me was very minimal considering that I can pretty much cover for our daughter’s needs.

However, one thing that bothers me is the fact that you’re also not providing support to your other victims who are not as financially equipped.

They were not only victims of your selfish and dirty ways, but also of Economic Abuse.

I feel sorry for them because they are suffering the effects of your cruelty and recklessness.

You’re always running away from your responsibilities.

That’s why I’m doubting that you are financially supporting your last victim who had given birth to yet another fatherless child.

And to quote what she needed to tell you when you started ghosting her when you got her pregnant:

“Sa iy*tan ka lang naman talaga magaling eh! Pero sa responsibilidad wala kang binatbat! P***ngina mo!”

But I was relieved that your plan to have your baby with her aborted did not happen.

That was the most psychologically and emotionally damaging moment for me but I was glad that I’ve learned how to overcome that.

Just in case you’re trying to forget about your obligations, let me enumerate them for you:

  • Your daughter from Tina (Your wife)
  • Your son from Mirafe (The one that you got pregnant by “accident” because you were too drunk to remember everything)
  • Your daughter from Raven (The one which you’ve been denying ever since despite the resemblance — Your alibi? She was impregnated by another guy and she’s so obsessed with you that’s why she’s claiming that you’re the father.
  • LAST VICTIM! Your son from Angeline (Your youngest child, the product of your cheating when we were still together, the child which you both planned of getting killed by abortion)

It’s a slightly long list already but, to be honest, I’m pretty sure that you have more than that.

These were just the ones I’m aware of because I discovered them while I was in a relationship with you.

And with every discovery, you would always beg me to forgive you while crying and promising that you would never hide anything from me again.

I already lost count on how many chances I’ve given you but, in the end, you still chose to continue being the liar of a man you’ve always been.

Actually, I would be glad to know in case you’re providing child support to your other children because some of the mothers are not quite capable of providing for them.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that you’re not giving them any financial support because nothing else mattered to you but yourself.

I just hope that all those stupid people who are impressed by the material things that you flaunt now (i.e. your motorcycle, cellphone, laptop, etc.) know that your luxurious possessions represent all your children who are not properly supported financially.

My Key Message

You can now change the username and password of your salary account because it pains me to see just how much you’re getting now.

I don’t have any plans of getting anything directly from there so you can now relax.

No more “The Fastest Fingers Get the Salary” game again haha!

But this doesn’t mean that I’m giving you a waiver to run away from all your responsibilities and accountability.

Because the next time I would demand, it would be through the court’s order as I’m now contemplating on taking legal actions.

I’m very well aware that the costs of going this route would be more expensive as compared to how much I could get from you.

However, please know that I’m not doing this for the money, but instead, I’m doing this to bring justice to what you’ve done to us.

I’m also hoping that this would become an eye-opener to your other victims and would-be victims.

I wanted to challenge them to take a stand against your abuse.

Your dirty ways must end so we could prevent you from bringing yet another fatherless child into this world.

I just feel bad for you because you lost the sweetest and most wonderful child you could ever have.

I always knew that this would happen because it really sucks to be you!

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