Your Children Are Not Your Bad Luck Redemption

Your Children Are Not Your Bad Luck Redemption

Do you consider your children as your bad luck redemption?

I hope not, because they deserved so much better than that.

I was listening to a radio show when I was on my way to work.

The topic was about the issue with parents “getting in the way” of their children’s relationships.

The usual stuff like the parents don’t want their daughter to be in a relationship with a man who isn’t rich because they want their daughter to have a “good life”.

However, when they wish for a “good life” for their daughter, they’re also, of course, thinking about their own benefits as well, thinking that a rich man could take them out of poverty.

To be fair, the same goes to the family of a guy whose parents wish for their son to marry a rich girl for the same reason.

Yeah, scenes that are usually portrayed in Soap Operas.

Sadly, these things happen in real life.

I disagree with parents who are like this.

Those who prioritize material wealth above anything else.

By doing this, they are taking for granted the emotional satisfaction and real happiness of their children; things that no amount of money can buy.

Those parents who continue to do this better stop.

They should not consider their children as their bad luck redemption.

All of us have different personalities, needs, wants, and priorities.

As parents, we should not control our children for our own sake, except if this is REALLY for their own good, of course!

Let them be.

We’re here to guide, not to dominate their senses to make an important decision.

It is, after all, their own life and we should know how to respect that.

Besides, parents like this should also start considering having a mind-shift.

Instead of teaching our children that they should look for privileged individuals for a spouse, why not instill a mentality to establish themselves well first in order to become self-sustaining individuals so they get to establish a stable life for themselves and their future family?

By doing this, we are also raising children who are not prone to abuse by making them emotionally mature and financially independent.

This is because most of the abused people nowadays are tolerating abuse because they have no choice and are heavily dependent on their abusers, financially and/or economically.

Not all of us are lucky to belong in a family that would prioritize your own happiness and success more than wealth and material things, that’s why I’m so grateful to be part of one.

Do you have the same point of view?

Or maybe a different side?

Let us know in the comments.

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