Top Selling Gift Ideas for Holiday 2019

Top Selling Gift Ideas for Holiday 2019

So the BIGGEST ONE DAY SALE of 2019 may have been over but perhaps you still have not completely checked all the items off your gift list for the upcoming holiday season.

I personally have the same concern year after year after year because I don’t choose to buy gifts too early, anticipating that a lot more items would show up as soon as the month of December kick starts.

But apart from that, I also always find it challenging to think about what items I should give away.

To think about what they want may not be a good idea nowadays because of 2 reasons:
1. They might already have it (because searching and buying for items are easily done now)
2. The item could be too expensive

So what I do every year is I browse through online catalogs to see the trending items for the year (or even for next year if available) and then get the ones which I think would suit the needs/wants of the recipients.

And if I’m getting lucky, I have the chance to get these items at very low prices because some sellers participate in special sales and promotions.

But, of course, I don’t only get it from anywhere/anyone else.

I select the stores/sellers with higher sales rates and products with higher ratings based on customers’ feedback.

In this article, I am featuring the top selling items with high customer ratings from top selling stores.

You can click on the item name or images to get directed to the site where you could purchase them.

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Bags, Shoes, and Accessories

Bags, shoes, and accessories are maybe the 2nd to the most expensive types of gifts that we could give our loved ones (next to Electronics and Gadgets) depending on the source and brand.

But who cares about the price especially when we’re giving it to some of the most special people in our lives?

Earphones, Headphones, and Earbuds

If your loved one is mostly on the phone, may it be work-related or not, earphones or earbuds would be the perfect phone accessory to give him/her.

Wireless earbuds are just some of the most trending items today because of the increasing number of people who are getting access to premium music and online games.

Items for Your Home

Household items are the most practical gifts that you could give your loved ones. Show how thoughtful you are by simply giving them what would make them feel more “at home”, relaxed, and comfortable.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies are also widely available online nowadays which makes it easy for us to find all the necessary aids for our loved ones who are in need of medical assistance and maintenance.

Men Gears and Tools

If your loved one is a handyman or someone who just loves to equip himself with gears and tools which make him feel more manly, these items may be the perfect surprise for him.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Mobile phones and accessories do not leave the top list of our favorite items to give as gifts to our special someone.

They may be a bit expensive as compared to other items that fall under different categories, but they are worth the excitement and joy of the recipient.

If you’re really on tight budget but would still want to give something exciting for your loved one, I have here some alternatives.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras nowadays are becoming one of the most essential items that you need in order to ensure safety, whether you’re at home, in your car, or anywhere outside.

If you want to give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind, you could consider given them these affordable security cameras.

Soundbars and Speakers

If your loved ones enjoy listening to music or watching movies at home while still enjoying the cinematic sound as if they’re inside the cinema, soundbars and speakers are some of the perfect gifts for them.

USB and Computer Memory

Although most of us nowadays are mainly using smartphones and other gadgets other than computers and laptops, USB and Memory are still not going out of demand.

So if you have a loved one who’s a techie, you may consider giving these items.

There you have them!

I hope I was able to help give you some gift ideas for this coming holiday season.

I’ve already added some on them on my wishlist as I finalize my gift list for this year.

It’s always exciting to know that your loved ones would surely appreciate the ones you’re giving them because they all come from the heart.

How about you?
Have you thought of the most special gift to your loved ones for this coming Christmas season?
I would love to hear your ideas on the comments section 🙂

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