Don’t Laugh at Someone’s Misfortune

In this article, I’m sharing my point of view why we should not laugh at someone’s misfortune. I remember having one of this fierce conversations with my ex-husband when he was telling me a story about one of his ex-girlfriends. Apparently, he recently came to know that this ex-girlfriend of his ended up with a >>>Read full article

My Definition of Love

My definition of love has changed drastically as soon as I became a mother. When we grow old, we come to a point when we get to have our own definition of love, which is far different from how we used to define it back in the days when we’re still too young, optimistic, and >>>Read full article

Embrace Your Version 2.0

Learn to embrace your version 2.0. Sometimes, we fear so much that we stop exploring, stop believing in ourselves. But I realized that the greatest mistake you could ever commit in this lifetime is not doing what you could have done when you’re still able, no matter how unlikely it would be of you. For >>>Read full article

My Mother, My Soulmate

A mother is more than just a best friend, she’s an ultimate soulmate. She knew us even before we were born, who heard our heartbeat and felt our hearts even before they got broken for the first time, who read what our minds say even before we gained consciousness, and who’s given us all the >>>Read full article

Single Mother

How do you define Single Mother? When I was a kid, I defined Single Mom as a mother who doesn’t have a husband, who single-handedly raised her kids, and who courageously faced all the challenges in the world (shame and discrimination included) just to fulfill the needs of the young lives who depend on her. >>>Read full article