My Definition of Love

My 32-Year-Old-Self Definition of Love

My definition of love has changed drastically as soon as I became a mother.

When we grow old, we come to a point when we get to have our own definition of love, which is far different from how we used to define it back in the days when we’re still too young, optimistic, and idealistic.

Before I became a mom, I was very happy and comfortable being alone.

I was in control of everything.

My life was very organized.

I was alone but not lonely.

And now, I am a mom to a kid who is a complete opposite of myself.

She brings me a lot of chaos and she could turn the whole house into a complete mess in no time.

But I love her.

She is my life and I can’t imagine my life without her anymore.

So for me, that is love.

It is choosing to spend your life even with a complete opposite even when you’re already safe and happy on your own.

How about you?

Had your old definition of love changed over the years?

What experience changed your overall perspective of love?

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