My Best Lazada Purchases in 2018

My Best Lazada Purchases in 2018

In this article, I’m sharing my best Lazada purchases in 2018.

Year 2018 is about to end and Lazada is ending this year with a bang by having its much anticipated Grand Year-End Sale happening on December 12th.

However, although it’s dubbed as 12.12, the actual sale will start as early as December 10th (Monday) and will run until December 12th.

Therefore, this means that you don’t have to wait until 12.12 in order to buy the item you are targeting.

FACT: You can start adding items to your shopping cart as early as NOW!

As usual, this Grand Year-End Sale is anticipated to be full-packed in terms of amazing deals, campaigns, and surprises.

To name the main ones, these are (click on each item to get to know more details):

  • 12.12 Group Buy – This allows you to get the awesome deals by simply buying the desired item with a group or joining a group.

    Once the targeted number in a group is achieved, you would get the product at a cheaper price.
  • 12.12 Slash It! – This allows you to get the awesome deals once you hit the targeted number of slashes by asking help from your family and friends to slash the item.
  • 12.12 Shake It! – This allows you to win vouchers by shaking your phone during the game period as announced on the landing page.
  • 12.12 Hot Deals – Shows you the list of items that are going to have some of the best deals on the entire duration of the Sale.
  • 12.12 Vouchers and Discounts – This allows you to collect as many vouchers as you can while they last.

    New vouchers are given away every 9am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm.

And, or course, the sale won’t be complete without the other Mega campaigns on Top Brands, P500 and Below 12.12 Deals, Must Buy and Top Picks, and Partnerships.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This post is not sponsored. However, it may contain some affiliate links. If you purchased something through one of those links, I would get a small commission which would help me maintain this blog.

My Best Purchases in 2018

And since we’re about to wrap-up 2018, let me also share with you some of the best items which I purchased throughout the year.

For year 2018 alone, I purchased more than 70 items, but I might add more to the list because I have yet to complete my Christmas shopping online.

Thank goodness for the Grand Year-End Sale because it would allow me to save some pretty amount of money without sacrificing my wish to give my loved ones the presents they deserved.

Trending Gift Ideas for Mothers (2018)
Trending Gift Ideas for Men (2018)

For now, let me give you the 30 of the best items which gave me my money’s worth.

While enumerating, I will also provide the things which I liked and did not like (if any) about the product to give a quick review.

And in light of the Grand Year-End Sale, I will also indicate the anticipated price of the product come 12.12 (or as early as December 10th) in case the said product is included in the sale.

These are the products which I received in very good condition and with quality that met my expectations (I broke them down per category):

Baby Products

1. Baby Wipes

Regular Price: P595.00
12.12 Price: P540.00

Liked: These wipes are very safe to my baby’s skin so I did not have to worry about her developing rashes and any irritation.

Disliked: Some sheets are sticking tightly together that’s why there were times when I would dispose more than a single sheet at a time.

2. High Chair

Regular Price: P2,399.00
12.12 Price: P1,899.00

Liked: The design of this high chair is very simple, perfect for minimalists. 

It’s very easy to clean because it doesn’t have any fabric so you can even spray water on it if you want to do some deep-cleaning.

It’s also very sturdy and durable.

I purchased this when my baby was about to turn 6 months to start with the baby-led weaning and she’s still using it now that she’s more than a year old.

Disliked: The safety belt may not be enough for some babies who are very active so very close supervision is highly encouraged.

Here’s a video showing my baby using this high chair when she was only 7 months old during Stage 2 of Baby-Led Weaning.

3. Spill-Proof Trainer Cup

Regular Price: P520.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: It’s 100% authentic and original product.

The quality is really good based on the texture of materials used in making this trainer cup.

Disliked: Most babies would need to do some training before they get used to drinking through this cup.

Since my baby is a little impatient, she would sometimes get irritated especially when there’s no water coming out.

4. Feeding Bowl and Spoon

Regular Price: P299.00
12.12 Price: P265.00

Liked: This was the very first feeding bowl set I gave to my baby when she started with Stage 1 of Baby-Led Weaning.

The quality is really good and it’s easy to clean.

The suction feature works just fine. My baby loves the spoon and she tends to eat more with it.

Disliked: It’s a little easy for babies to figure out how to lift the bowl once they have fully developed Pincer Grasp.

5. Placemat Plate Tray

Regular Price: P369.00
12.12 Price: P350.00

I just recently bought this item since my baby has officially become a toddler and we’ve entered the Stage 3 of Baby-Led Weaning.

This perfectly fits her High Chair and has a very good quality.

Disliked: None so far.

Actual_Silicone Placemat Plate Tray
Here’s a picture of my baby having her Sunday lunch using this placemat plate tray

6. Baby Bib

Regular Price: P155.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: This perfectly fits my baby because of its adjustable neck string.

It’s easy to clean and effectively catches the food that my baby was dropping so there’s less mess and wasted food.

Disliked: None so far.

Actual_Gladness Box Silicone Baby Bib
Here’s a picture of my baby wearing this bib

7. Baby Seat

Anbebe Baby Seat With Play Tray
Anbebe Baby Seat with Play Tray

Regular Price: P2,499.00
12.12 Price: Not Participating

Liked: The quality is very good and my baby found it comfortable to sit here.

Disliked: Although this came with a play tray, we’re still not able to make use of it because it was easy for my baby to remove it.

It’s also a little hard to put in place (not sure if I was just not doing it right).

It would also have been better if this chair had a safety belt instead of the play tray.

Actual_Anbebe Baby Seat with Play Tray
Here’s a picture of my baby while happily seated on this baby chair

8. Soft Chair

Regular Price: P425.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: The size of this soft chair was just right and my baby was comfortable while sitting on it. It allows the baby to learn how to sit when they’re still learning that skill.

Disliked: This is not recommended for babies who are very active because they’re at risk of suffocation if not supervised well.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t get fixed on the floor so it’s very easy for babies to roll-over while seated.

Actual_Infant Safe Sitting Soft Chair
Here’s a picture of my baby while this soft chair

9. Cloth Book

Regular Price: P349.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: This book is really great for babies!

It has many tags so it captures the attention of our little ones.

The quality is good so it’s durable and could withstand my baby’s strong hands and fingers.

Disliked: None so far.

10. Inflatable Outdoor Swimming Pool

Regular Price: P559.00
12.12 Price: P503.00

Liked: My baby graduated from using her Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub and she started playing with water more so I decided to buy her this inflatable pool.

The size of this pool is just perfect for my 1 year old, not too large but not too small.

It’s durable because the material is thick.

Disliked: This did not come with a pump so we needed to look for one in order to inflate it.

There’s another package that comes with a free pump but it’s a bit more costly, of course.

Actual_Intex Inflatable Swimming Pool
Here’s a picture of my baby while having a bath on the swimming pool

11. Activity Toys

Regular Price: P599.75
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: As soon as I noticed that my toddler has started to show curiosity with shapes and sizes, I immediately bought her stacking cups and shapes sorter.

And this one did not disappoint.

She enjoys playing with it and it keeps her occupied within a good duration of time.

Disliked: None so far.

12-17. Clothes

2018 Toddler Summer Clothing

Regular Price: P299.00
12.12: Not participating

Liked: The quality of the garment is very good. It looks good on my baby.

Disliked: None so far.

Toddler One-Piece Summer Dress

Regular Price: P287.00
12.12 Price: P282.00

Liked: The quality of the garment is very good. It is exactly how it looked in the picture.

Disliked: None so far.

Cotton Stuff – 3-Piece Ruffle Sleeves Blouse

Regular Price: P299.00
12.12 Price: P250.00

Liked: The quality of the garment is good and my baby feels comfortable while wearing it.

The ruffle sleeves design makes my baby look more feminine.

Disliked: None so far.

Cotton Stuff – From the Crib – 3-Piece Ruffle Sleeves Blouse (Stinking Cute – Girl)

Regular Price: P299.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: The quality of the garment is good and my baby feels comfortable while wearing it.

The ruffle sleeves design makes my baby look more feminine.

Disliked: None so far.

Froshie 3-Piece Baby Cotton T-Shirt (If You Think I’m Cute You Should See Me When I Sleep – Girl)

Regular Price: P195.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: The size of these T-Shirts is just right for my baby.

She’s comfortable with it and doesn’t make her sweat.

Dislike: None so far.

Froshie 3-Piece Baby Cotton T-Shirt (Cute and Bubbly)

Regular Price: P195.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: The size of these T-Shirts is just right for my baby.

She’s comfortable with it and doesn’t make her sweat.

Disliked: None so far.

Motherhood Products

18. Breast Pump

Regular Price: P559.00
12.12 Price: P499.00

Liked: This double electric breast pump has a very good quality although I bought it for a very cheap price.

It’s easy to use and has a less complicated assembly of parts.

I can guarantee that this can be at par with the other expensive breast pumps in the market nowadays.

I was exclusively pumping for 8 months and I never had any issues with it because it’s very durable.

Disliked: This doesn’t come with silicone cushions, although, I never really had any issues with that because it wasn’t painful to use this at all.

19. Breastmilk Cooler Set

Regular Price: P1,899.00
12.12 Price: Participating but same price

Liked: This set comes with a complete package.

Apart from the Medela breast milk bottles with individual lids, it also comes with a contoured ice pack and cooler bag. It’s compact and made of good quality materials (it’s Medela after all!).

Disliked: None so far.

20. Breastmilk Storage Bags

Regular Price: P389.00
12.12 Price: P345.00

Liked: The bags are thick and virtually leak-proof.

It comes with a handy zip pouch that’s why it’s hygienic.

When I started using this, I did not anymore think about trying any other brand because I was so happy with the quality.

Disliked: None so far.

21. Diaper Bag

Regular Price: P899.00
12.12 Price: P890.00

Liked: This bag is really spacious and has a superior quality than the other brands in the market today.

It has large main compartments and 5 insulated slots for milk bottles which could fit even the wide-neck feeding bottles for toddlers.

This is ideal for moms who don’t want to travel light because it has a lot of spaces for those essential items for traveling.

Disliked: None so far.

You can also watch this video I uploaded on YouTube featuring this nappy bag.

Electronic Products

22. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Regular Price: P1,149.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: This Bluetooth speaker is really compact and small but it’s loud enough.

The quality and performance are really good.

Disliked: None so far.

23. Soundbar

Regular Price: P2,599.00
12.12 Price: P2.095.00

Liked: This soundbar comes with Bluetooth and USB functionalities apart from the usual AUX and Line In.

I got this for a very cheap price that’s why I was so happy that the quality was top-notched.

Disliked: The manual which came with it wasn’t complete because it didn’t have the detailed steps on how to operate it.

It would have been very helpful for someone like me who then used a soundbar for the very first time.

24. Car Phone Holder

Regular Price: P399.00
12.12 Price: P372.00

Liked: I loved the design of this car phone holder because it utilizes the car charger as its stand.

I also loved the fact that it has USB ports for charging which makes it a multi-purpose gadget inside the car.

Disliked: Maybe it has something to do with the design of my car but I just don’t like it when it gets hit by the stick whenever I change gear since I’m driving a Manual Transmission.

Household Items

25. Childproof Drawer Locks

Hoopchina Childproof Drawer Locks
Hoopchina Childproof Drawer Locks

Regular Price: P154.00
12.12 Price: P138.00

Liked: This is beautifully designed and sticks really well on the surface.

My baby’s no longer able to open the drawers after we’ve placed these locks because it would require an adult intervention for these to get unlocked.

Disliked: The adhesives are very strong that’s why it’s difficult to remove the lock once you have installed it.

So I suggest that you make sure first that you’re placing it on the right area before installing it.

26. Kitchen Scissors

Regular Price: P76.00
12.12 Price: P75.00

Liked: These scissors are really sharp that it can also cut meat and chicken bones.

The price is cheap but the quality is still good.

Disliked: None so far.

27. Heat Resistant Pot Placemat

Regular Price: P389.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: The design is really simple and it’s made out of durable food-grade silicone material so it surely won’t leave a scratch mark on your precious dining table (or any surface).

Our rice cooker fits perfectly on it.

Its color adds life to my kitchen.

I chose the green one since I have green walls.

Disliked: None so far.

28. Pot Holder

Regular Price: P150.00
12.12 Price: P99.00

Liked: I loved the fact that the quality is good although I got these 2 pieces at a very affordable price.

The color and design give more life to my kitchen.

Disliked: None so far.

29. Waste Bin

Regular Price: P149.00
12.12 Price: Not participating.

Liked: The design is really simple which makes it very usable.

It has an average capacity but its lightweight characteristic makes it easy to empty when you need to permanently dispose off the wastes.

Disliked: This bin didn’t come with a lid so it’s not ideal for indoor use, especially around the kitchen area.

30. Shoe Rack

Regular Price: P350.00
12.12 Price: Not participating

Liked: This shoe rack is perfect for minimalists because it’s got a very simple design.

It’s also very easy to assemble.

In fact, it’s so easy that I was able to assemble it myself.

Disliked: None so far.

And my list ends there….but only for 2018 LOL!

Looks like my Lazada list has become a yearly thing due to the number of items that I purchase every now and then.

One thing I noticed was that the quality of the items that I got for year 2018 was a lot better than the previous year.

This was due to the fact that I learned how to search for quality items.

You can also achieve this by carefully reading feedback and comments from previous buyers.

That’s why it’s also important to keep in mind that leaving your honest and objective feedback and comments on those items you’ve purchased are very helpful and important.

I hope I was able to help you decide.

How about you?

What are your best Lazada purchases for this year?

Let us know in the comments.

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