Possible Reasons Why Johnny Depp Would Never Look at Amber

In this article, I’m sharing my opinion on possible reasons why Johnny Depp would never look at Amber Heard during the course of the Defamation trial. Again, not a point of view of an expert here but of someone who had experienced dealing with Narcissistic people. The Biggest Elephant in the Room Camille Vasquez did >>>Read full article

Spotted: Possible Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

I watched the long interview with this actress just recently and I instantly spotted a possible victim of Narcissistic Abuse. I observed the body movements and facial reactions and took down notes while the devastated actress was sharing her piece over Social Media during the controversial one-on-one with the interviewer. Many viewers sympathized to the >>>Read full article

The Anatomy of a Showbiz Break-Up & Hook-Up

Over the last months, a lot of us were intrigued by some sudden break-ups and hook-ups in the local showbiz industry. At a first glance, it seemed to many as just another simple and usual case of cheating incident in the showbiz world. It was somewhat to be considered as another chapter to that book >>>Read full article