The Power of Tummy Time: My Baby’s Year of Progress

Tummy Time played a big role in helping my baby develop her skills and strength when she was still very young.

Bleu started doing it when she’s 6 days old and that activity became a regular part of her daily routine ever since then.

She absolutely hated it first but good thing that I read somewhere that it’s normal for newborn babies to cry while doing tummy time because they really hate it.

Eventually, Bleu got used to it and became very active.

Benefits of Tummy Time


While there’s no prescription for exactly when to start tummy time, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents get going on it early.

In fact, babies born at full term with no health issues can start with it as soon as their first day home from the hospital — so long as you and your newborn are both awake and alert and you or another caregiver are there to supervise.

Apart from giving the parent and the baby a way to bond, below are some of its major benefits:

• Practice for other important milestones, such as rolling-over, sitting upright and crawling
• Boosts gross motor skills
• Engages lesser-used muscle groups
• Prevents plagiocephaly (a.k.a flat head syndrome)
• Helps baby master head control
• Alleviates gas pain
• Exposes baby to a different environment


Best Time to Do It

It is advisable to do quick sessions of tummy time multiple times in a day so your baby could get used to it.

But depending on your baby’s mood and condition, you should be able to determine when is the best time for him/her to do so.

In my own experience, I realized that after a nappy change is ideally the best time for tummy time.

This way, we can also allow our baby to have quick but multiple sessions of tummy time (3-5 minutes per session) in a day since we change our baby’s diaper several times in a day also.

My Baby’s Year of Progress

I was able to document my baby’s journey ever since she started doing tummy time as early as 6 days old up until she reached her 1st birthday.

You will see in this video that tummy time really played a role in developing her strength which also allowed her to achieve some of the physical milestones early in the game.

You can watch the video here:

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