Legit Items I Purchased from Lazada for Year 2020

Legit Items I Purchased from Lazada for Year 2020

In this article, I will share with you 35 of the legit items I purchased from online last year.

It’s not a secret that I am a fan of online shopping, especially of Lazada because of the convenience and the wide choices that this platform offers.

Whenever I needed anything, I would just simply open my Lazada app and search for the item to see if it’s available, which 99.9% of the time is the case. This is why its current campaign which says #NasaLazadaYan is something that is very apt.

And because of this, it is no longer surprising to know that I have a lot of items purchased from Lazada because it truly makes the online experience very positive and convenient, especially for busy people like myself.

That is why I’m very excited to share the list of the good products which I purchased from Lazada for the whole year of 2020. By sharing these legit items and the legit shops where I actually purchased them, I’m hoping that I’m helping anyone who’s also looking for the same.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I only feature and review products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are based on my own actual experience. This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.


1) Wiresto In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones with HD Microphone


If you’re looking for earphones that have very good sound quality and noise cancelling function, this one is definitely a good buy.

It comes with a case so you would be able to store your earphones safely whenever it’s not in use.

One of the things I liked about this pair of earphones is its cable because it doesn’t get entangled, unlike the old one which I was using. It’s a plus for me because I easily get irritated by cords which easily get troubled.


2) Sofia Multifunctional Electric Massage Pillow


This was one of those purchases which I did not initiate as this was my mom’s request.

She saw this by browsing through her Facebook wall so I immediately looked for it in Lazada and, voila! It’s available!

My mom enjoys using this every morning to soothe her aching shoulders, lower back, and hands.

Even my 3-year old daughter gets amazed whenever she sees her grandmother looking relaxed because of this massager.

3) Niuxys LEMON Essential Oil 10ml


As a certified “Tita“, I also have this fascination over essential oils because of the known benefits plus the ability to make your home smell like you’re in a spa.

Since I would always have colds because of the ever-changing weather, I thought about buying this Lemon scent variant to also help me combat the chance of catching Flu and other illnesses.

I also purchased the Niuxys “Endure” Aromatherapy Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser to make sure that I would be getting the best result. I placed it inside our Master bedroom which gives us the best atmosphere during bedtime.

Bedding & Bath

4) Elastic Mattress Protector


Do you also get irritated whenever the bed sheet gets crumpled or goes out of place?

Well, that’s one of my pet peeves among so many things. And having a preschooler sleeping with you makes it even more of a headache.

Good thing I found this elastic mattress protector which hugs the bed in place, making sure that there’s no more irritating sight of bed covers looking so unorganized and messy.

This one stays in place even when my preschooler jumps on the bed, which is one of her favorite activities, by the way.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual quality and look of this product once we’ve put it on our Queen-sized bed.

VIDEO: Fitted Mattress Protector Cover

Data Storage

5) Seagate 5TB Backup Plus USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive STHP5000


As someone who has a lot of files to safekeep (i.e. videos, photos, articles, write-ups, manuscripts, spreadsheets, important documents, etc.), having a huge storage space is a must.

Even if there are a lot of online storage spaces available out there, for some reason I still feel more secured of doing the old-school way of keeping my files.

And since my personal laptop has run out of storage space, I immediately bought this 5TB external hard drive to solve the issue.

Electronics Accessories

6) BG YunTeng VCT 5208 43cm Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter


Before I started doing my unboxing videos, I bought this tripod to help me create a very simple camera set-up that allows me to take videos without the need to hold the camera.

Since I only have a one-man team whenever I’m creating my contents, I badly needed some help which this tripod was able to provide and I’m so glad that I didn’t need to hurt my budget in order to have one.

It comes with a remote control that is activated via Bluetooth that’s why it’s really handy especially when you are double-hatting during your shoot (i.e. you’re the cameraman and the talent at the same time!).

7) Original Lenovo Laptop Notebook Charger


One of the stressful things that happened to me last 2020 was when the charger of my personal laptop malfunctioned. I was not able to use my laptop, which I’m using to create my contents, for a number of days because it already ran out of power.

Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t go out of the house immediately just to visit any computer store and inquire if they sell this charger.

Good thing I was able to find this in Lazada!

And because of the positive reviews, I immediately placed my order which the seller was able to ship in less than 3 days. So far, everything has been good and the charger functions like the original one which came with my laptop when I bought it.

8) Samsung Micro USB Cable Fast Charger


So one of the problems of having a very active toddler or preschooler around is the likelihood of having broken items around the house.

My 3-year old preschooler is always curious about plugs and sockets so she played with my original charger one time. Given that she has a “very powerful” set of hands, she forcefully plugged my poor charger which damaged one of its connectors.

Since I didn’t have time to go out immediately to buy a replacement, I opened my Lazada app instead to search for a decent charger.

Good thing I came across this store which sells a good quality travel adapter for Samsung. Once again, Lazada was able to solve my problem for having the item that I needed but didn’t have time to buy outside.

9) Rapoo 1620 Wireless Entry Level Optical Mouse


I needed a mouse for the EWA 4K ULTRA HD Android TV BOX which I also purchased from Lazada.

And since I would use it in the living room, I wanted a wireless one to avoid the hassle of wired navigation.

I really liked the quality of this mouse as it works on any surface. Since I’m using this to control the Android TV Box, which makes its function similar to that of a remote control, I would always use it while sitting down on the couch. It performs flawlessly!

10) USB to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable for Phone


Before I purchased my EWA 4K ULTRA HD Android TV BOX, I purchased this HDTV adapter cable to screen-mirror my phone to our TV.

Since our TV is just a regular one, not a Smart one, I would need to use my Smartphone in order to watch videos on YouTube, then screen-mirror my phone to the TV so I could watch it on a bigger screen.

This adapter cable made it possible!

My daughter was so happy because she could watch her favorite YouTube videos through our TV, plus she could get to watch my games whenever I’m playing Mobile Legends.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual quality of the item when I received it and how I set it up for the first time.

VIDEO: How to Screen-Mirror Your Phone Using Drong-Screen App

11) Xiaomi Mi Wifi Repeater Pro 300M


Because of the Pandemic, I got shifted to the Work From Home set-up to stay safe given the current situation.

And since I have a then-toddler-now-a-preschooler at home, it is a must that I have my own workspace that she could not have access to. So I decided to turn our former Maid’s room into my Home Office since we no longer have a househelp.

The only problem was that my would-be Home Office turned out to be a dead spot, therefore, it would be impossible to carry out any online tasks whenever I’m inside the room.

Good thing that I found this Wifi Repeater/Extender in Lazada. And after reading a lot of positive reviews, I immediately placed an order to give it a try. And, boy, did I get impressed with the performance!

Since I was so happy with it, I purchased my 2nd device which I installed inside my bedroom because our Wifi signal is also weak at the 2nd floor of the house. So now I am enjoying a much better connection upstairs. No more lagging especially whenever I’m playing videos and online games.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual quality of the item when I received it and how I set it up for the first time.

VIDEO: Unboxing & Seting-Up Xiaomi Wifi Repeater Pro

Furniture & Organization

12) Desktop Printer Rack


Part of my goal in putting up my Home Office was to make sure that the items inside would get organized. This is because I simply couldn’t work well whenever things around me are messy. I find it difficult to focus when my surrounding is not in proper order.

That’s why when I planned on purchasing a new printer (I bought this amazing Canon Pixma MG3070s Wireless All in One Printer, I also wanted to have a printer rack that would organize all the other stuff.

And this printer rack captured my attention because of its simple style and I thought that it would look good on my desk. And I was right! Not only it was a perfect fit for my printer, the white color was a good contrast to my dark furniture which gave my Home Office a more classic look.

13) Kruzo L-Shaped Modern Home Office Corner Computer Desk


One of the most critical items inside my Home Office is the office table. So when I was still searching for the right one, I was keen on looking at every design available because I wanted it to be the perfect choice.

Since I only have a small Home Office space, I’d rather have an L-Shape type so I could maximize every corner. So finding this one in Lazada was like an answered prayer because this exactly was how I would imagine it.

The dark wood color was absolutely perfect to go in contrast with my beige office chair that I purchased (I bought this Omax Reclining Office Massage Chair with Footrest) and I was so happy with the overall look.

Not only that, the wood has a very good quality. It’s quite heavy, actually, which gives it a solid and sturdy feel. I wasn’t expecting that I could get a table with such quality without hurting my pocket.

14) Omax Reclining Office Massage Chair with Footrest


Apart from the office table, having a very good office chair is also critical because this heavily contributes to having a pleasant working condition and environment.

However, I had a little problem at first as I only had a limited budget that’s why I couldn’t afford getting the ergonomic ones which come with very pricey tags.

Good thing I came across this massage chair in Lazada which really looked perfect for me. I was happy to see that it would only cost me less than P4,000 (I got it on sale at that time) that’s why I placed my order after confirming that the seller was legit.

15) San-Yang Multipurpose Rack


After putting up my Home Office, I also needed to re-organize the Living Area because I moved our old office table inside my Home Office where I placed the Desktop Printer Rack on.

Our landline phone as well as our Wifi router used to be placed on that old office table. And now that it’s gone, I needed to find a new replacement. This time, I wanted to have something neat in order to have a clean-looking space.

This multilayer rack by San-Yang was the perfect one because it allowed me to maximize the space without occupying too much area because it’s meant to be placed in a corner.

I also loved the fact that its color complemented the theme of my Living Area.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual quality of the item when I received it and how easy it was to assemble.

VIDEO: Unboxing & Assembling San-Yang Multipurpose Rack

Lighting & Decor

16) Big Tropical Plants Leaves DIY Wall Sticker


Since my Home Office has a classic Black & White theme, I wanted to put an accent that would put some balance on it. Something that would add some vibrant feel around it.

I thought about putting some live plants but since I wasn’t gifted with a green thumb, I doubted if I my room would have a permanent accent.

Good thing there are so many DIY wall stickers and decals available in Lazada. And I found this tropical plants wall sticker and I thought that it would add some color to my Black & White themed Home Office.

And I was right again! It was perfect. Some of the people who saw the picture of my Home Office even thought that those plants were real. Of course, I revealed that it was just a wall sticker but they still remained amused because it really looked live in the photos.

17) Premium Shangri-La Hotel Scent


I’m a fan of a good-smelling home. And what’s even better than a good-smelling home is a place which smells like you’re in a lobby of a 5-star hotel.

That’s why I was so elated to discover that this type of scent is available in Lazada. After reading the rave reviews, I immediately placed an order (I also bought a bottle of another best-selling item from the same shop — Fresh Bamboo Scentsitivity and excitedly waited for the package to arrive.

It’s true that the bottle comes with a free 3ml sample which also has a different scent so it’s like I purchased 3 scents all in all. It was a good strategy by the shop because this would make you want to purchase some more, especially if you also liked the scent of the free sample they gave you as a gift.

18) Removable Bible Quote DIY Wall Sticker


Inside my Home Office there were 2 blank walls which badly needed some accents on them. And when I was visualizing what I wanted to do with them, I thought of putting up something that would inspire and motivate me while I’m working.

And what’s better than having an inspiring quote taken from a verse in a Bible? I’m a fan of this verse so it was a no-brainer for me when I was deciding for it.

At first I was worried that I won’t be able to piece them together well but I actually did. This was because it’s easy to stick to the wall and the quality of the stickers is good that’s why they don’t easily get ruined even if you have committed mistakes.

19) Self-Adhesive Aluminum Office Door Sign


Since my Home Office is located at the 1st floor of the house, I thought about placing a door sign on it to allow any visitors to know which is which, especially since my Home Office is right next to the powder room.

My powder room has a door sign as well so I thought that it would be much better for my Home Office to have one also to complete the look.

I instantly liked this aluminum door sign because the design is very simple. It’s easy to install and the adhesive is really strong — so I had to be very careful when sticking it.

20) Stretch Sofa Protection Cover


Another usual problem that I’m facing with having a very active preschooler around is the chances of having a very messy-looking couch because of the spillages and “accidents” that happen with my preschooler on a daily basis.

So after I hired some deep-cleaners to shampoo and vacuum my couches, I bought this good quality stretch sofa cover to add more protection.

The quality is very impressive and the sizing is accurate. You can even chat with the seller to inquire about the size by sending a photo of your couch and the seller would tell you which size you should choose.

It comes with different colors and designs but I chose the one on the photo because I didn’t want to deviate from the actual color of my couch which is Gray. I just wanted to add some designs on them to put some life and this one really looked nice on them.

You can watch this video which I uploaded on Facebook that will show you the actual product and how it transformed my boring couch into something more attractive.

21) World Map DIY Wall Sticker


Apart from the Removable Bible Quote DIY Wall Sticker that I put on one of my walls, I also needed something that would give the room a feel of what I do at work.

Since the nature of my job allows me to work with different people from the different parts of the world, I thought that this World Map wall sticker would be my best bet.

And I did not regret buying this because it did not only add more life to my Home Office, I also enjoyed sticking it to the wall. It was a little challenging but fun at the same time that’s why the outcome was so much worth the time and effort I spent.

Monitors & Printers

22) Canon Pixma MG3070s Wireless All in One Printer


When I decided to put up my Home Office, I also thought about upgrading to an all-in-one printer that will allow me to not just print but also scan and photocopy my documents.

And since I’m also mostly doing my transactions using my Smartphone (apart from my personal laptop), I also wanted a wireless printer that would allow me to print documents and/or pictures straight from my phone.

This Canon Pixma printer was just the one I needed because it could perform all the jobs that I mentioned above. Now, I don’t need to connect to the printer via a cable just to print any documents from my laptop as it could do the job even when it’s not wired. Therefore, I can print from anywhere in the house.

And not to forget the perks of having the capability to do all these jobs as well using only my Smartphone.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual quality of the item when I received it and how I set it up and connected to the network to achieve that hassle-free wireless printing.

VIDEO: Unboxing & Setting Up Canon Pixma Printer MG3070S

Mother & Baby

23) RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 10pcs Trial Pack XXL (16+ kgs)


When my daughter turned 2.5-year old, we started having issues with wet bed overnight because she’s a heavy-wetter as she would prefer doing “comfort-feeding” at night until she falls asleep.

Her regular diaper would only last for less than half of the time so we would need to do diaper changes, otherwise, her bed would get completely soaked. Problem was, my daughter hated waking up in the middle of a slumber just to have a diaper change.

So I thought of asking for recommendations from fellow moms in a Facebook Group to help me find that perfect overnight diaper pants for my troubled toddler. One of those moms turned out to be a heaven sent because she introduced me to this amazing premium diaper pants that solved my problem, Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you some proof that these premium diaper pants, indeed, solved our overnight problems.

VIDEO: Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants Overnight Test

25) RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 120pcs (40pcs x 3) Super Jumbo Box XXL (16+ kgs)


And since I was so impressed with the quality and the ability of this diaper brand to solve my overnight problems, my purchase quickly escalated from buying just the 10pcs Trial Pack into this 120pcs Jumbo pack.

I was also happy that the shop went on sale during the time when I purchased this so I was able to save even more.

So always be on the look out for any sale that is happening because I heard that this shop frequently goes on sale.

25) Huggies GoodNites Diaper Pants – Small to Medium – 14 pcs x 4 packs (56 pcs)


I’ve always been happy with Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper Pants until my toddler turned into a preschooler. When my daughter turned 3-year old, I noticed that she’s starting to outgrow her overnight diaper as she’s probably gone past the XXL diaper size which is, unfortunately, the biggest Rascal + Friends size.

Therefore, I needed to search for another brand that would help me solve this issue. Luckily, I discovered this bedtime pants which Huggies is manufacturing.

I was relieved because I learned that these diapers are specifically designed for kids who, although have been potty-trained and do not anymore wear diapers during daytime, might still encounter some “accidents” overnight.

In fact, these diapers have sizes for kids from age 4 to 15. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that teens at age 15 should still be wearing diapers, admit it, these could come in handy for those who still commit these “accidents” at that age, especially those that get triggered by certain dreams.

So now, we’re back to being happy campers because this diaper really works wonders. No more leaks and wet bed no matter how heavy she’s gone overnight.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you how one of these bedtime pants performed overnight and see for yourself why I said that it solved my problem.

VIDEO: Huggies GoodNites Bedtime Pants Overnight Test

26) Faucet Extender for Kids


This product became a must-have when my toddler was just starting to learn how to wash her hands.

It greatly helped her enjoy washing hands because sufficient amount of water was flowing from the faucet even though she’s not tall enough to extend her arms.

You can watch this video which I uploaded on Facebook that will show you the actual look of the product and how my daughter benefited from having it installed.

Outdoor & Garden

27) Electric Mosquito Killer Racket


We used to have a mosquito trap which worked fine until my toddler decided to destroy it. I would have purchased another one had it still been available, but unfortunately, the shop already decided to stop importing it from Korea.

So I was left with no choice but to look for an alternative. Good thing I came across this one while I browsing through my Facebook feed.

Upon seeing it, I thought of looking for the same in Lazada because I would feel more sure and secured if it would come from and be delivered by Lazada. Luckily, I found it there!

I placed my order right away and it got delivered fast as well. It was effective because there was a noticeable decrease in the number of visible mosquitoes around to almost none.

I was happy because the product was amazing despite having an affordable price.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you that I received the item in good condition and how effective it was.

VIDEO: Unboxing Electric Mosquito Killer Racket

Small Appliances

28) 2.5L Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Waterless Auto Shut-off


This was the first out of the 2 humidifiers which I purchased. I got interested because of its promise that it could produce heavy fog.

I thought that this was just right because I have a huge space in the Living Area so having a large capacity humidifier should do the job. And I was not wrong.

Apart from the large capacity, the design of this humidifier makes it so much easy to clean, plus the fact that it has a top-fill design that makes it more convenient to use.

The fogging is non-stop although I would turn it on as early as 9:00 in the morning and would only shut down at around 9:00 in the evening.

29) LEDSTAR 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier


This was the 2nd out of the 2 humidifiers that I purchased. This was the one I put in the kitchen area.

This was the humidifier which had rave reviews because of its quality and functionality that’s why I also got convinced to try it out. And I did not regret that decision.

The reviews were right. It’s got good quality and it lasts for a long time although its capacity is only 500ml. It has an auto shut-off functionality so you won’t have to worry about running out of water.

30) Niuxys “Endure” Aromatherapy Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser


Apart from buying humidifiers, I also purchased this essential oil diffuser which I placed inside our bedroom.

I chose this one because I also got interested with the essential oils from Niuxys because of the reviews that the shop was getting.

In fact, that’s where I purchased this Niuxys LEMON Essential Oil 10ml which I also liked because it helped me combat my colds. It was good and it could really diffuse the essential oil well around the room.

Televisions & Videos

31) EWA 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box


Due to poor Customer Service, I finally decided to have my cable subscription cancelled. I was hesitating at first because I thought I would have limited access to movies and series that I could only watch through cable subscription.

Good thing there’s Android Box which allowed me to transform our regular TV into a Smart TV because I could watch online shows with the use of this.

I can watch movies from Netflix, iflix, and YouTube because this box allows you to download those apps so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies through your TV screen.

The only issue I had was the limited access to local channels but, nevertheless, it’s still a good purchase because you won’t need to worry about monthly subscription fees while you still get to enjoy having access to movies and shows.

Besides, my daughter was so delighted because she could also watch her favorite CoComelon shows on big screen.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube where I showed how I set it up and featured some of the channels and functions I am enjoying for free because of this.

VIDEO: MXQ Pro 5G 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box

32) GMA Affordabox


Even if I had limited access to local channels when using the EWA 4K ULTRA HD Android TV BOX, it was fine because I also purchased this GMA Affordabox.

I’m using this box to watch our favorite shows from local channels like Eat Bulaga and local news.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you that the item arrived in good condition and that it’s really easy and straightforward to set-up.

VIDEO: Super Quick Unboxing of GMA Affordabox

33) UGREEN 3 Meter Flat HDMI Cable


Long before I discovered about EWA 4K ULTRA HD Android TV BOX, which transformed our regular TV into a Smart TV, and USB to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable for Phone, which allowed me to screen-mirror my Smartphone to our HDTV, my initial solution was to use an HDMI cable to flash whatever was being played on my laptop to our TV screen.

That was my solution to allow my daughter to watch her favorite Farmees YouTube videos through our TV screen.

That was made possible by this quality HDMI cable from UGreen. I liked the quality of the cable because it looked really sturdy, the kind that would last long.

Toys & Games

34) 36 pcs Kitchen Play Cooking Set with Realistic Induction Cooker


Since my daughter has become more inclined into doing pretend-plays, I thought of giving her a surprise by buying her this really cute realistic cooking play set.

It came with 36 pcs of items which consisted of utensils, pots & pans, food items, plates and cups, cooking accessories, and a realistic induction cooker which makes a frying sound, thus, giving a realistic cooking experience.

The size of the items are significantly bigger than the usual cooking play set that you could buy elsewhere that’s why kids would enjoy it better.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual look of the product well as how my daughter enjoyed playing with it for the first time.

VIDEO: Unboxing! Kitchen Play Cooking Set

35) Kitchen Sink Play Set


Since I noticed that my daughter was becoming more and more fascinated with water, I thought of buying her this as my early Christmas gift.

For some reason, my daughter loves watching anyone who’s washing the dishes and she loves playing with water that goes out of the faucet so I thought that giving her something similar to that would make her happy.

And I was not wrong. I made her happy once again and she got amazed as soon as the water started coming out of the faucet.

You can watch the video below which I uploaded on YouTube that will show you the actual performance of the product as well as how delighted my daughter was when we unboxed her early Christmas gift.

VIDEO: Unboxing Pretend-Play Kitchen Sink Set

There you have them!

Those were just some of the items I purchased from Lazada last year 2020 which I could happily recommend to others as they all gave me satisfying results.

This proves that doing online shopping is not always risky as long as you know how to search for those shops that sell legit products with good quality.

I hope that I helped you find something that you were looking for.

Until next year!

P. S. And oh, by the way, I mentioned my Home Office multiple times in this article so let me also show you how it actually looks like.

You can also watch this Small Home Office Tour video which I uploaded on YouTube that will give you a very quick tour inside my small Home Office space and show you the actual look of these affordable items that I featured here.

VIDEO: Home Office on a Budget | Small Home Office Tour

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