Buying Hipp Organic Milk via Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service

Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Services

Sharing with you my experience in buying Hipp Organic Milk via Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service.

NOTE: This review is not sponsored.

I just wanted to share my direct and honest feedback in order to help anyone who might be interested in obtaining their service.

This might also help promote Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service and/or help them improve services in case of areas for improvement mentioned in this review.

Imagine This:

It’s 12 midnight and you’re half-asleep.

You’ve only been sleeping for barely 5 minutes because it took you forever to put your baby to sleep while trying your best to make your room look decent.

You were so tired and wasted.

Then, suddenly, you heard your baby crying because she’s hungry.

So you got up and went straight to the counter to fix her a bottle of milk, only to find out that the can is already empty!

Oh no!

You got so busy that you forgot to drop by either the supermarket or drug store to purchase a can of that precious formula milk.

Unfortunately, it’s already 12 midnight and you’ve got nobody else with you who could go out and buy.

Scary story, right?

That’s a story which is highly likely for someone like me to happen.

I’m a wife to a Police Officer who’s not home most of the time so I don’t have the luxury of having someone with me whom I could easily send out to buy something for us.

Moreover, the nearest drug store would require me to drive.

And besides, my baby’s formula milk, Hipp Organic, isn’t available just anywhere.

But thank goodness there’s Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service!

Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service

Bundle of Joy is the EXCLUSIVE HOME DELIVERY DISTRIBUTOR of Hipp Organic Milk and other organic products. Apart from these, they also have other useful baby products such as diapers, cleansers, and special laundry detergent for baby clothes.

The best thing about Bundle of Joy is that they offer FREE Home Delivery Service at NO EXTRA CHARGE (Subject to a minimum order quantity).

If you’re from within Metro Manila, delivery is FREE if you order:

  • One (1) box of any Hipp Organic Milk; or
  • Two (2) packs of Hipp Organic Baby Food in Jars; or
  • P1,500 worth of any products combined (Cycles, Tiny Buds, Mamy Poko, Cradle, and Enfant)

If you’re from nearby Provinces*, delivery is FREE if you order:

  • One (1) box of any Hipp Organic Milk; or
  • Four (4) packs of Hipp Organic Baby Food in Jars; or
  • Other baby products ON TOP of the above mentioned minimum set orders

*Nearby Provinces: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan, Baguio, and Rizal

Contact Numbers

You can call Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Services through the numbers below:

  • Landline: (02) 317-7777
  • Globle: (+63) 917-5503158
  • Smart: (+63) 999-8251749
  • Sun: (+63) 923-2555295

Their Hours of Operations is from Monday to Saturday from 8am-6pm.

What I Liked

  • Convenience – All you need to do is call their hotline and place the order. You don’t need to go out of the house.
  • Free Delivery – Although there’s a minimum order quantity, the free delivery service really is one of its best features.

    I normally buy more than 1 can, anyway, so ordering a box of Hipp Organic Milk (which contains 3 cans of 900 grams or 6 cans of 400 grams) is not really a stretch.

  • Price – Their price per can is cheaper than when you purchase from a drug store or supermarket.

    The last time I purchased a can of Hipp Organic Milk for 6-12 months from a drug store, I paid P1,539.00, while the price was only P1,461.83 from Bundle of Joy.

    That’s already P231.51 worth of savings for 3 cans plus FREE delivery.

  • Good Customer Service – Their customer service representatives are very warm and friendly.
  • You are always kept updated with your order – They keep you up-to-date with your order/delivery request by sending you an SMS.

    I always receive a text message from them the day before my scheduled delivery allowing me to ensure that there’s someone who would accept the order.

  • Cash on Delivery basis available – Apart from FREE delivery, this is another feature which I really like about their service as they allow you to pay only upon receiving the items.

    No need for downpayment.

    No need for reservation fee.

    It’s totally stress-free as you won’t need to worry about paying for something that you never received.

  • Wireless POS Machine available – This is another plus!

    In case you’d like to pay only upon receiving the items but you don’t have any cash-on-hand, you could also opt for paying through credit card upon delivery.

    This is really convenient especially if you don’t have enough cash available during delivery.

    Just make sure that you specify this mode of payment when placing your order.

Things to Improve On

  • More flexible delivery schedule – Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Services follows a specific delivery schedule which depends on your location so you really have to manage your time.

    This means that the date and time of placing your order won’t affect when the product would be delivered.

    I live in Paranaque so they only deliver every Thursday.

    So even if I placed the order on a Sunday, I would have to wait until Thursday for me to received the products.

  • More reliable service when placing the order online – Apart from placing the order by calling their hotline, you may also place it online via their website.

    However, I had a rather unpleasant experience when I tried it online the first time.

    I was able to successfully place my order and I even received an email confirmation, but for some reason, my order did not seem to register in their system that’s why the scheduled delivery wasn’t set.

    Good thing that I was able to call them before the day of my expected delivery that’s why I learned that I was not expecting anything the next day.

    Fortunately, they have a very accommodating customer service representative who immediately placed my order and scheduled it on a special delivery for Friday so I won’t need to wait for another week.

    She was very apologetic and helpful.

    I figured that when placing your order online, you would still need to call them via phone in order to double-check because even an email confirmation won’t guarantee that the order has been placed successfully (based on my experience).

    Perhaps my experience was just a one-off.

    But, regardless, I would just order via phone to be 100% sure.


I highly recommend this option to all the moms and/or parents who give Hipp Organic Milk to their babies/kids.

Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Service really offers the convenience of FREE Home Delivery Service.

This is the absolute answer to the common problem of moms/parents who simply don’t have the time to go the extra mile of going some place else just to buy Hipp Organic Milk in case the go-to drug store or supermarket has ran out of stock (which happens most of the time!).

All you have to do is pick-up the phone, place an order, and enjoy the very flexible payment options that they offer.

With Bundle of Joy Home Delivery Services, you would never experience running out of that precious formula milk again.

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