Be a Friend with High E.Q., Not Just I.Q.

Be a Friend with High EQ Not Just IQ

Why do you think it is important to get surrounded with people who have high Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) whenever you are facing the biggest struggles in your life?

Having a high E.Q. is much more beneficial than having a high I.Q. in most situations.

This is one thing I have observed mostly every time I hit rock bottom.

I have encountered so many unfortunate events in my life in the past how many years so I have pretty much observed how different types of people behave and react toward someone who is having some issues in life.

People With Low E.Q. Often Underestimate The Problems

If you encountered some people who just tried to underestimate your challenges in life, instead of showing empathy, just let them.

These are the people who may have a high I.Q. but have the lowest E.Q.

When we’re hitting rock bottom, we often hear some people say,

“Oh, come on! Just let go. Learn to move on. It’s just a problem. Learn how to toughen up. It’s not the end of the world, you know!”

And they say it as if it’s easy to do and you didn’t get hurt.

As if they knew exactly what happened.

As if they were there all the time.

As if they’ve gone through the same.

As if they’ve done something like that in the past.

These words are not helpful.

In fact, these words are detrimental to both the emotional and psychological well-being of the person having the problems.

It’s like pouring acid to someone’s wounds.

This is one reason why some people resort into going through their problems alone.

They don’t tell their problems to other people because they are afraid of receiving insults instead of help.

If You Happen To Be That Someone Who Has Low E.Q.

If you happen to be that someone who say these words to somebody who is having the problem, please know that you’re an a**hole!

Please know that you are one of the reasons why some problematic people fall into the trap of depression.

You could even be one of the reasons why someone committed suicide for all you know — you and your toxic and know-it-all tongue!

So learn to shut up.

If you haven’t been in the same situation, just learn how to listen.

Practice empathy.

Offer a supportive pair of ears, not a poisonous mouth and a pair of judgmental eyes.

Because you’ll never know when the same thing would occur to you.

So learn from other people’s experience.

Prepare yourself, instead.

If You Happen To Be That Someone Whose Problem Is Being Underestimated

If you are the problematic one who is being insulted by that person with low Emotional Intelligence, don’t worry.

Just keep these things in mind:

  • The people who underestimate your problem are the very same ones who easily get destroyed when they face the same issue (or even lighter).
  • The fact that they don’t understand what you’re going through only shows how close-minded they are.
  • Stay away from these negative people and get surrounded by those who truly care for you, instead.
  • People with high level of E.Q. are the right kind of people you need in order to heal and find yourself

Here’s a Final Tip

Don’t forget what those judgmental people told you when you were at your lowest.

Because once the tables have turned and they are now the ones going through the same issues, you would find out that they don’t even follow the same advice they gave you.

They even forget that they said it.

Funny but I have experienced that first-hand.

And if that time comes, trust me, you would just shake your head while rolling your eyes.

So stay strong.

Don’t get affected by those weak soldiers who are just pretending to be immortal.

Find the right crowd and you will survive.

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