Top Selling Products for Lazada Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale

Lazada Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale on July 15th

On July 15th, Wednesday, Lazada is having its Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale, which is also dubbed as the biggest sale as we approach half-way through the year 2020.

And as usual, Lazada celebrates this milestone with multiple rewards, exciting deals, and other surprises happening on the day itself of the Mid-Year Sale.

Some of the exciting deals include:

  • Brand Mega offers (provides best items from top brands and sellers)
  • Free Shipping with NO minimum spend
  • up to 70% off on participating items and stores
  • prices as low as P0.71 on Flash Sale Deals
  • Price Slash at P0.77
  • Coin Rewards per purchase

In this article, I will share with you the offers as well the list of the current Top Selling Products you need to ADD TO CART NOW to maximize your purchases during the Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale.

I will also include here the regular price of the products vs. the discounted price you should expect come July 15th so you can compare and decide.

Why Is It Important to Add to Cart?

You may be wondering why you always hear the line “Add to Cart” whenever there’s a sale approaching.

This strategy is important especially if you are anticipating a sale before you purchase an item in order to get it for a lower price or with special offers.

Adding to cart means you are getting a stock “reserved” for you so you won’t feel worried about losing the item, especially if there are a lot of people who are also targeting the same.

Adding to Cart is different from just Adding to Your Wishlist, whereas simply adding an item to your wishlist won’t guarantee that you would get a sure stock when you check-out.

Once you have found a product that you wish to purchase, ADD TO CART immediately to ensure that you would not run into “Out of Stock” issues even before July 15th hits.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Please note, though, that my posts may contain affiliate links. Therefore, if you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps me keep this site running. Thank you very much!

Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale Top Campaigns and Offers

Top Selling Items from Flagship Stores

The following products ranked as Top #1 among the Top Selling Items for each individual Flagship Stores (as of July 2020).

Valentino 20122227-GOLD DIAL Gold Stainless Steel Strap Analog Watch for Women

Mid-Year Sale Price: P912.00
Regular Price: P960.00

TIMEX Gold Stainless Steel Watch For Women TW00B303E CLASSICS

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,735.00
Regular Price: P1,875.00

Parkland 25L Eco Friendly Vintage Backpack – Grape Soda (Violet)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P591.19
Regular Price: P762.00


Mid-Year Sale Price: P958.00
Regular Price: P1,029.00

Hydrapak Stash 1L Flexible Bottle

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,096.50
Regular Price: P1,290.00

Rudy Project Bike Gloves in Black and Grey

Mid-Year Sale Price: P483.00
Regular Price: P690.00

MetroSunnies Ellie Specs / Eyeglasses with Replaceable Lens

Mid-Year Sale Price: P354.20
Regular Price: P385.00

Travelon Anti-Theft RFID Protected Signature Pleated Double Zip Clutch Wallet

Mid-Year Sale Price: P874.00
Regular Price: P1,990.00

Cole Haan Men’s ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford

Mid-Year Sale Price: P6,926.85
Regular Price: P7,695.50

Mikana 18k Gold Plated Sayo Hoop Earrings

Mid-Year Sale Price: P240.00
Regular Price: P249.00

Benefit Weekend Beauty Queen

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,272.00
Regular Price: P2,120.00

MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour – Moisturise-Matte Liquid Lipstick 5ml

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,500.00
Regular Price: P1,500.00

Top Selling Products by Popular Category

Now, here are the lists of the Top Selling Products participating in the Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale.

Please note that the discounts may not be that high, but products coming from these shops are guaranteed to have good quality based on the actual customers’ feedback received, number of sales, and ratings.

I also encourage you to read the customers’ feedback to help you decide further.

Top Selling Baby Swings

Akantor YX-Y01 Foldable Baby Electric Swing Cradle

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,849.05
Regular Price: P2,999.00

Ibaby Infant to Toddler Rocker For Baby

Mid-Year Sale Price: P969.03
Regular Price: P999.00

Phoenix Hub KHYT01 Electric Rainforest Baby Swing

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,771.01
Regular Price: P2,799.00

Indoor Swing by BabySM Shop

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,584.00
Regular Price: P1,600.00

Toddler Swing with Hammock by BabySM Shop

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,653.20
Regular Price: P2,680.00

Phoenix Hub PPS02 Electric Baby Swing

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,230.03
Regular Price: P2,299.00

Portable Handmade Baby Hammock (Hanging Bassinet)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P450.00
Regular Price: P499.00

Mastela 5 in 1 Music and Melody with Soothing Vibration Bouncer Rocker and Bassinet Napper

Mid-Year Sale Price: P4,749.05
Regular Price: P4,999.00

Hello Baby 60198 Ingenuity ConvertMe Baby Swing-2-Seat

Mid-Year Sale Price: P5,345.00
Regular Price: P5,399.00

BBL Ingenuity I-64 Lion Toy Convert Me Baby Swing-2-Seat

Mid-Year Sale Price: P4,253.15
Regular Price: P4,477.00

Purity Masinsin Special (Duyan Only)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,730.00
Regular Price: P1,749.00

Unicorn Kidi Elite PD-A03 Foldable Baby Electric Swing Cradle

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,754.05
Regular Price: P2,899.00

Top Selling Infant Car Seats

Joie Juva Infant Car Seat Group 0+ (for Newborn Babies upto 13kgs)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P3,900.00
Regular Price: P3,999.75

PhoenixHub Just For Baby PREMIUM Baby Car Seat

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,569.15
Regular Price: P1,585.00

Phoenixhub Z12 All New Elegant Design Reclining Adjustable Baby Car Seat

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,810.71
Regular Price: P1,829.00

Phoenix Hub LM216 Baby Car Seat PREMIUM Kids Safety Travel Seat with Adjustable Base

Mid-Year Sale Price: P3,849.12
Regular Price: P3,888.00

Phoenix Hub Beloved Baby PREMIUM Baby Car Seat Basket Carrier

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,305.81
Regular Price: P1,319.00

Looping Sydney 0+ Car Seat

Mid-Year Sale Price: P3,800.00
Regular Price: P4,119.75

Akeeva Egg Protect Carseat (Oyster)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P6,300.00
Regular Price: P6,400.00

Looping Squizz 0+ Car Seat with Adapter

Mid-Year Sale Price: P6,400.00
Regular Price: P7,999.75

Joie Gemm Infant Car Seat Group 0+ (for Newborn Babies upto 13kgs)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P4,249.00
Regular Price: P4,999.75

Top Selling Prams

BabyGro Lightweight Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P3,100.00
Regular Price: P3,200.00

Unicorn Selected T2KA Lightweight Portable Folding Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,849.05
Regular Price: P2,999.00

Phoenix Hub Hao High Quality Portable Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,969.11
Regular Price: P1,989.00

Phoenix Hub Rocker Pocket Travel Stroller T609

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,870.01
Regular Price: P2,899.00

Phoenix Hub YA-2305 Pushchair High Quality Portable Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,979.01
Regular Price: P1,999.00

Phoenix Hub 903 Foldable Lightweight Mesh Baby Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P989.01
Regular Price: P999.00

Unicorn D106 Peppa Mesh Lightweight Reclining Pockit Baby Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,413.60
Regular Price: P1,488.00

Phoenix Hub A69C 2 in 1 Baby Stroller High Chair

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,682.01
Regular Price: P1,899.00

Hello Baby HP-308 Baby Stroller Portable Folding Umbrella Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,671.00
Regular Price: P1,688.00

Babygro Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,900.00
Regular Price: P2,000.00

A986B Carry Cot Moses Basket Baby Stroller

Mid-Year Sale Price: P5,224.05
Regular Price: P5,499.00

Top Selling Gardening Tools

3 Piece Set Mini Garden Shovels And Claw Tool With Wooden Handles

Mid-Year Sale Price: P138.00
Regular Price: P159.00

NIHUA 100pcs Rare Rainbow Aloe Succulent Plants

Mid-Year Sale Price: P72.00
Regular Price: P97.00

300pcs Mix Succulent Seeds Lotus Lithops Pseudotruncatella Bonsai Plants Seeds for Home

Mid-Year Sale Price: P113.00
Regular Price: P134.00

Durable Climbing Plant Support (45cm/60cm/75cm/90cm)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P175.42
Regular Price: P189.00

10pcs Lemon Tree Bonsai

Mid-Year Sale Price: P77.31
Regular Price: P80.50

Double Tiger Grass Sickle – BUY 1 FREE 1

Mid-Year Sale Price: P104.03
Regular Price: P109.50

MG Dual Purpose Large Size Hand Press Spraying Kettle for Home Gardening

Mid-Year Sale Price: P195.00
Regular Price: P200.00

Plastic Fruit Picker Head

Mid-Year Sale Price: P144.80
Regular Price: P181.00

Top Selling Outdoor Seating

ABS Colorful Canvas Hammock Hanging Sleeping Bed

Mid-Year Sale Price: P127.40
Regular Price: P130.00

Portable 2-in-1 Recliner Folding Chair

Mid-Year Sale Price: P880.00
Regular Price: P1,100.00

Hopeway Foldable Zero Gravity Lounge Reclining Chair

Mid-Year Sale Price: P999.66
Regular Price: P1,334.00

WEDO 2-Way Chair Bed

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,995.00
Regular Price: P2,495.00

HK Portable Cotton Rope Outdoor Hammock

Mid-Year Sale Price: P179.10
Regular Price: P199.00

FREE LIFE Portable 2in1 Folding Chair Recliner Sleeping Lounge

Mid-Year Sale Price: P979.02
Regular Price: P1,100.00

Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Arm Rest

Mid-Year Sale Price: P310.40
Regular Price: P388.00

Top Selling Jump Ropes

Skipping Jump Rope (Adjustable Bearing Speed Fitness)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P144.00
Regular Price: P148.00

Automatic Jump Counter Adjustable Jumping Rope

Mid-Year Sale Price: P53.36
Regular Price: P58.00

Yoomee Jump Rope for Exercise Workout

Mid-Year Sale Price: P147.01
Regular Price: P167.00

MicroBang Jump Rope for Fitness Training Exercise

Mid-Year Sale Price: P182.00
Regular Price: P209.00

Outtobe Jump Rope with Ball Bearings (with Memory Foam Handles)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P355.00
Regular Price: P439.00

Crossfit Speed Jump Rope for Workout Training Exercises

Mid-Year Sale Price: P390.90
Regular Price: P408.00

MOVTOTOP Aluminum Alloy Handle Weighted Jump Rope

Mid-Year Sale Price: P653.66
Regular Price: P760.00

Outtobe Smart Jump Rope (with Electronic Calorie Counter)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P479.00
Regular Price: P599.00

3m/10ft Adjustable Skip Rope

Mid-Year Sale Price: P251.00
Regular Price: P289.00

iFlashDeal Speed Jumping Rope for Adult

Mid-Year Sale Price: P188.00
Regular Price: P209.00

Jump Rope With Heavy Load Fitness Training

Mid-Year Sale Price: P207.76
Regular Price: P217.00

Top Selling Smart Speakers

Google Home Mini Personal Assistant Speakers

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,602.30
Regular Price: P1,635.00

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa

Mid-Year Sale Price: P2,449.02
Regular Price: P2,499.00

MIFA A10 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Mid-Year Sale Price: P1,199.00
Regular Price: P1,699.00

X-mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Portable Full-Range Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker

Mid-Year Sale Price: P503.00
Regular Price: P558.00

X6 Bluetooth Wireless TWS Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer (Supports Hands-Free Calling)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P864.00
Regular Price: P916.00

Google Home Personal Assistant Speakers

Mid-Year Sale Price: P4,499.00
Regular Price: P4,980.00

HUAWEI CM510 4.2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Mid-Year Sale Price: P890.00
Regular Price: P950.00

Top Selling Table Lamps

USB Rechargeable LED Touch Sensor Table Desk Lamp (Dimmable Reading Study Light)

Mid-Year Sale Price: P290.08
Regular Price: P349.00

Auoyo Led Clip Desk Lamp with 3 Modes Touch

Mid-Year Sale Price: P482.00
Regular Price: P559.00

E27 Bedroom Bedside Lamp

Mid-Year Sale Price: P343.00
Regular Price: P429.00

Multi-Function Lithium Battery LED Table Lamp

Mid-Year Sale Price: P231.20
Regular Price: P289.00

Orignal Himalayan Salt Lamp From Pakistan (2-3 kgs) by Himalayan Wellness Philippines

Mid-Year Sale Price: P585.00
Regular Price: P598.00

TMALL Desk Lamp Fabric Art Wood Table Night-Light Lamp

Mid-Year Sale Price: P349.00
Regular Price: P389.00

DP. LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Mid-Year Sale Price: P215.00
Regular Price: P239.00

8W LED Clip on Lamp, Desk Light with 3 Modes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P545.00
Regular Price: P554.00

Top Selling Women’s Sneakers and Footwear

#J3 Korean Style Espadrilles Slip-On Shoes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P122.55
Regular Price: P129.00

Korean Soft Rubber Shoes #801

Mid-Year Sale Price: P115.00
Regular Price: P119.00

Korean Ladies Rubber Sneakers

Mid-Year Sale Price: P124.00
Regular Price: P147.00

#K4 Korean Rubber Shoes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P84.55
Regular Price: P89.00


Mid-Year Sale Price: P125.00
Regular Price: P129.00

Youlta QQS 2020 Best Korean Fashion Shoes for Women

Mid-Year Sale Price: P208.00
Regular Price: P259.00

#N2 Korean Rubber Shoes for Women

Mid-Year Sale Price: P86.00
Regular Price: P89.00


Mid-Year Sale Price: P115.00
Regular Price: P119.00

YOULTA QQS Trend Wild Running Shoes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P185.00
Regular Price: P182.00

#816 2019 Korean Rubber Shoes for Women

Mid-Year Sale Price: P125.00
Regular Price: P129.00

#K2 Korean Comfortable Quality Shoes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P86.00
Regular Price: P89.00

New Korean Rubber Running Shoes for Women

Mid-Year Sale Price: P283.22
Regular Price: P289.00

#N1 Korean Rubber Shoes

Mid-Year Sale Price: P86.00
Regular Price: P89.00

We’ve Reached the End of the List

We have finally reached the end of the long list and I hope that I helped you find something that you have been looking for.

Although I have given you a lot of items that are going on Sale come July 15th during the Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale, I still strongly encourage you to practice strong discretion before you purchase anything.

Let’s determine closely if the item(s) we’re planning to purchase is/are really important or needed just so to ensure that we are spending our resources wisely, especially during this of Pandemic.

Hope this article helped!

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