How to Screen-Mirror Your Phone Using Drong-Screen App

In this article, I’m sharing the step-by-step guide on how to quickly set-up your USB to HDMI HDTV Adapter cable to screen-mirror your Android phone to your HDTV.

I purchased this adapter online because I wanted to flash whatever I’m watching on my Android phone to our TV so I could also share the fun with my family.

My 2+ year-old daughter enjoys watching whenever I’m playing Mobile Legends so it’s good to have the ability to screen-mirror my phone to our TV screen in the living room so she could even enjoy watching it on a bigger screen.

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You can also watch the video version here:

Steps on How to Screen-Mirror Your Phone to TV

For this particular guide, I am sharing the steps on how to screen-mirror your phone using the Drong-Screen app.

STEP 1: Scan the QR code found in the manual to download the Drong Cast (or Drong-Screen) app.

STEP 2: Use your Android phone charger USB cable to connect to the USB Female port.

STEP 3: Connect the HDMI Connector to your HDTV.

STEP 4: Connect the USB to your HDTV USB port.

STEP 5: Connect your phone cable to your iPhone or Android phone.

STEP 6: On your HDTV, you should choose HDMI as your source. Watch the video version here to see how your TV screen should look like.

STEP 7: The Drong Cast pop-ups will appear on your phone. Just choose options to turn it into “Plug-n-Play”.

STEP 8: Choose MIDI in the settings and your HDTV will start screen-mirroring your phone.

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