What is Piece of Mind Website All About?

Piece of Mind website is a Thought Blog that features the life and works of Christine, the author and owner of this blog.

Christine is a relationship survivor who finds inspiration from the people she meets and interacts with.

She was married once but it ended in an annulment after a series of painful episodes which she needed to go through.

That was what she considers as the biggest turning point in her life because of the many lessons she learned out of that experience.

Her failures in life kicked her out of her comfort zones which turned her from one “idealistic” girl into a “realistic” woman who proudly embraces the imperfections of her current life.

In this blog, she focuses on the most important elements in her life such as Family, Motherhood, Relationships, Everyday Life, and Anything in Between.

But her approach could be different from the usual lifestyle and family-oriented blogs because she would also touch upon things that not a lot of people (or women) feel comfortable talking openly about.


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