A Simple Staycation at Astoria Greenbelt (2019)

Simple Staycation at Astoria Greenbelt (2019)

I’ve been a Club Member of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) for years now but it was our first time to check-in at their facility at Greenbelt, Makati area (Astoria Greenbelt)

We had a 3-day and 2-night stay because I was in a hurry to use up all my credits expiring in December of 2019.

At first, I was planning to book yet another staycation at their Astoria Plaza facility in Ortigas (our go-to facility!) like I would always do, however, it was already fully-booked due to the upcoming holiday season.

So, I finally decided to give in and book at Astoria Greenbelt, instead.

One of the reasons why I would always think twice upon staying at this hotel is because Astoria Greenbelt is just a small hotel as compared to the other AVLCI properties.

And since it’s just a small facility, it has certain limitations which the hotel staff would explicitly outline when you make your bookings so as to properly set your expectations.

Some of these limitations are:

  • All rooms are studio type which can accommodate 2 adults (no 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom units)
  • Kitchen facilities are minimal (i.e. microwave oven, coffee and tea maker) but some items are available upon request
  • No provision for a swimming pool
  • No provision for a gym

But, perhaps, one of the biggest limitations is the absence of a parking space as the hotel front is only limited for drop-off.

However, pay parking (during the day or overnight) is made available at Greenbelt malls but with corresponding fees.

But regardless of the said limitations, we still managed to have a very positive experience because we had quite a relaxing stay.

I love the fact that the hotel is strategically located near places where you can relax and stroll.

This hotel is just walking distance away from Greenbelt malls so we did not miss the chance of dining at some of our favorite restaurants nearby.

And the best part was that, since it’s located along Makati area, we were able to order Sisig sa Rada via Grab Food! 🙂

To conclude, Astoria Greenbelt is perfect for those who are simply looking for a place to relax and be away from home in the meantime while staying close to places where you can have fun and entertainment.

As a minimalist, I loved the simplicity of the hotel amenities as well as the set-up of its facilities without losing its classy feel in it.

Also, here’s a simple video I created to share with you our experience even further.

If you’re interested and would like to book at a discounted rate, you may email me at nickianph@yahoo.com.

Booking confirmation is subject to room availability.

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